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Animal Sciences and Industry

Animal Sciences and Industry

Kansas State University
232 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-8028


Email: asi@ksu.edu

Breeding & Genetics


Programs in animal breeding and genetics are designed specifically for each student to acquire training in genetics, animal breeding, and statistics. Additional courses are selected from the fields of agriculture and biological sciences. A typical program of study will include some of the following graduate level courses offered in the department or elsewhere on campus:


  • statistical and population genetics
  • animal breeding
  • molecular genetics and biotechnology
  • statistics and experimental design
  • biochemistry
  • animal physiology
  • animal nutrition
  • meat science

Research is conducted using field data from breed associations and cooperating ranches, as well as university herds. Facilities are available for adequate analysis of most data sets, including REML and BLUP procedures. Currently faculty have primary research interests in beef cattle, although research with other species may be possible.

Research & Extension Program

Review breeding and genetics research & extension information.

Teaching Program

Get an overview of the teaching program in the breeding and genetics area.

People Directory

Get contact and background information for the faculty, staff and graduate students involved with our breeding and genetics program.