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Animal Sciences and Industry

Poultry Unit



The Tom Avery Poultry Research Farm is located at 2000 Marlatt Avenue. The original facility was constructed in 1966 and updates have occurred frequently in recent years. The farm conducts teaching, research and extension related projects. Farm stock include broilers, layers, and turkeys. The farm processes eggs produced by the layer flock which are then sold in the KSU Dairy Plant.

Research projects focus on feed manufacturing for meat birds, heritage poultry, and general nutrition. The farm supports ASI projects related to the nutrition of other species such as beef and swine. Many studies are conducted in support of other campus Departments such as Grain Science and Industry, where students in the feed industry are able to conduct projects related to poultry. Tours are often available, but only by appointment.


Contact Information

Unit Coordinator(s)

Scott Beyer 
Associate Professor
130 Call Hall