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Animal Sciences and Industry

Swine Lab

206 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-7059 fax


The Swine Nutrition Laboratory covers over 2,500 square feet of space and also includes a 300-square-foot research cooler. The lab has several personal computers, complete with data analysis, spreadsheets, graphics, and word processing software. The Lab is shared by Drs. Davis, DeRouchey, Goodband, Hancock, Nelssen, and Tokach. Theresa Rathbun and Crystal Groesbeck currently supervise the working of the lab including 3 to 4 undergraduate employees each semester.

The Lab is equipped with the following major equipment used in research: Beckman L8-80M ultracentrifuge; Eppendorf 5415 C centrifuge; Bio-Rad model 583 gel dryer; VWR mini vortexer MV1; Bellco Hot Shaker; Fisher Scientific water bath; Bio-Rad Mini-Protean III Cell Assembly; Bio-Rad model 200/2.0 power supply; degassing glass apparatus; walk-in cooler and freezer; Gilson adjustable pipettes 20ml, 200ml, 1000ml; Metler College 1300 scale; Culligan ultrapure water system; Fisher isotemp oven model 501; Beckman model J-6B centrifuge; Mettler AE166 balance; AMSCO general purpose autoclave; Scotsman ice maker; Perkin Elmer thermocycler; and Hitachi model U-2010 spectrophotometer. Access to needed minor glassware and equipment is also available.


Contact Information

Unit Coordinator(s)

Jason Woodworth

Jason Woodworth
Research Associate Professor     
224 Weber Hall  

Management Staff

Theresa Rathbun
Research Assistant - Swine Lab
206 Weber Hall