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Animal Sciences and Industry

Madie WensleyMadie Wensley

PhD Graduate Student


Major Professor: Dr. Joel DeRouchey

Madie is a Ph.D. candidate, originally from Parma, Michigan. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Michigan State University in 2018 before joining the Applied Swine Nutrition program at Kansas State University.
Madie completed her Masters in 2020, with research focusing on determining the available phosphorus release of a novel phytase source in nursery pigs and assessing phytase release values for calcium, phosphorus, amino acids, and energy in diets for growing-finishing pigs. Her Ph.D. research has focused on different feeding and management strategies to maintain continuity of nutrient intake in young pigs after weaning, with the goal of decreasing mortality. Most of this research has been conducted in collaboration with industry partners and has been a contributing effort in the Pig Survivability Grant. While completing her Ph.D., Madie served as the swine undergraduate research coordinator, overseeing undergraduate student workers and research projects that resulted in presentations at various college and national scientific forums. She also helped develop a series of training videos for Swine Science class and enjoys teaching. Currently, Madie manages data and completes statistical analysis for a commercial research program within a large swine production system. 
Madie is well trained in experimental design, diet formulation, protocol planning and implementation, as well as statistical analysis and interpretation. She has authored 6 journal publications, 9 abstract presentations, and 8 extension publications. During her time in graduate school, Madie has also been the recipient of the Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship, Nemechek Swine Graduate Scholarship, Feed Energy Company Excellence in Ag Scholarship, Larry R. Corah Outstanding Masters Student Award, and the International Ingredient Corporation Pinnacle Award.