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Animal Sciences and Industry

Animal Sciences and Industry

Kansas State University
232 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-8028


Email: asi@ksu.edu

Kansas Artificial Breeding Service Unit (KABSU)

Welcome to KABSU!

 KABSU is your one-stop shop for all your livestock breeding needs!  From custom collections, to AI supplies, KABSU is here to help you have your most successful breeding season yet!  Check out our services and supplies or give us a call to schedule a collection!

 KABSU in the News

KABSU is out of this world! (Really!)

sperm to the moon

This fall, KABSU employees had the opportunity to collect bull semen for the KU Med Center.  KU Med is working with NASA to test the viability of frozen bull and human semen samples on the International Space Station.  The sperm were aboard the Micro-11 mission that launched April 2, 2018.  Check out these articles if you'd like to learn more!  (The first article, KABSU is mentioned as a participant!)

Future of deep-space travel takes flight as researcher at the University of Kansas Medical Center has experiment launched to the International Space Station

NASA sends bull & human sperm into space for reproduction study


3171 Tuttle Creek Blvd.
Manhattan, KS 66502
Office: 785-539-3554 
Fax: 785-537-4265

Tom Taul
Manager, DVM

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