Curriculum Options

Students select one of the following:

Animal Products (pdf): Designed for the student who seeks employment in the food industry, course work includes classes in food/meat processing, technology, evaluation and other related topics. The wholesomeness and safety of animal products are stressed.

Bioscience/Biotechnology (pdf):This option prepares you for careers in the fields of Biotechnology in industry, government, or universities. It is also excellent preparation for graduate school, veterinary medicine, or other advance education.

Business (pdf): This option is for the student who is interested in entering the broad field of agribusiness - finance, management, personnel administration, merchandising or marketing. This option uses many courses from the College of Business Administration and the Department of Agricultural Economics. A minor in business can be easily incorporated into this curriculum and is encouraged.

Communications & Marketing (pdf): This option is for the student interested in journalism, advertising, editing or public relations. This option includes courses from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications such as news writing, editing and design, photography and related topics.

Production Management (pdf): The production/management option is for the student who wants to specialize in breeding, feeding, care and welfare of animals. Animal production, nutrition and management classes combined with courses in the College of Business Administration and the Department of Agricultural Economics provides a solid basis.

Science/Pre-Vet (pdf): Designed for those seeking an advanced degree or admission to a College of Veterinary Medicine or who wish to pursue a career in research, this option emphasizes courses in chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology and microbiology.