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Animal Sciences and Industry

Cattlemen's Day Posters

2021 Cattlemen's Day Posters 

Effects of Late Summer Prescribed Fire on Botanical Composition, Soil Cover, and Forage Production in Caucasian Bluestem-Infested Rangeland in the Kansas Smoky Hills: Year 2 of 4 
Micke  Ramirez

Limit Feeding Study
Morgan Scilacci 

Yearling Cattle Grazing Pastures Burned During Summer Perform Similarly to Cattle Grazing Pastures Burned in Early Spring: Year 2 of 6
Zach Duncan Poster 1 

Effects of Prescribed Fire Timing on Native Plant Composition, Forage Biomass Accumulation, and Root Carbohydrate Reserves in the Kansas Flint Hills: Year 2 of 6
Zach Duncan Poster 2 

Assessment of Pain Associated with Respiratory Disease and its Mitigation with Flunixin Meglumine in Cattle with Induced Bacterial Pneumonia 
Miriam Martin