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K-State Crowned National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team

K-State Animal Sciences and Industry students earn national title for the third year in a row.

2018 Kansas Stockman of the YearMANHATTAN, Kan. – The Kansas State University Meat Animal Evaluation Team won National Champion honors at the 2018 Collegiate Meat Animal Evaluation Contest in Lubbock, Texas. The team was recognized Tuesday, April 10 following the three-day competition.

The event, previously known as the AKSARBEN contest, now rotates between host institutions across the country. The competition includes live market animal carcass predictions and pricing, breeding animal evaluation and meat judging competition and truly serves as a capstone judging experience for students with its incorporation of so many industry applicable concepts.

The team placed first in the breeding, communication and pork divisions of the contest. Individually K-State had two place in the top five overall. Shilo Schaake, Westmorland, Kansas, was second overall and Payton Dahmer, Nevada, Missouri, was fourth overall. (See complete individual and team results below.)

"Meat animal evaluation is a challenging contest and we are impressed by these students' dedication and hard work," says Evan Titgemeyer, K-State Animal Sciences and Industry interim department head. "This contest not only tests a student's ability in meat and livestock evaluation, but also requires that they understand pricing, which is particularly important in today's value-based marketing system. We're proud of the students and coaches for bringing home the national title for the third year in a row."

The team is coached by Dr. Travis O'Quinn and Chris Mullinix and assisted by graduate student Lauren Prill.

Team Results:
Champion Team — Breeding Division
Champion Team — Communications Division
Champion Team — Pork Division
Third-Place Team — Beef Division
Third-Place Team — Sheep Division
Fourth-Place Team — Market Division
Fourth-Place Team — Meats Division

Individual Results:
Shilo Schaake, Westmoreland, Kansas – 2nd Overall, 4th Breeding, and 6th Pork
Payton Dahmer, Nevada, Missouri — 5rd Overall, 1st Breeding, and 9th Sheep
Cody Boden, Clear Brook, Virginia — 7th Overall, 1st Pork, and 10th Market
Wyatt Durst, Morrowville, Kansas — 8th Overall, 2nd Breeding, and 5th Pork
Hannah Frobose, Pemberville, Ohio — 5th Beef and 10th Breeding
Lucus Tuck, Bowling Green, Ohio— 3rd Beef and 8th Market
Kolton Aubuchon, Trinidad, Colorado — 7th Meats
Whitney Whitaker, Templeton, California— 10th Breeding
Emilee Holt, Caldwell, Idaho — 7th Market and 8th Sheep

Team Members:
Kolton Aubuchon, Trinidad, Colorado
Cody Boden, Clear Brook, Virginia
Cara Comstock, Deerfield, Missouri
Payton Dahmer, Nevada, Missouri
Trevor DeHaan, Taylor, Missouri
Wyatt Durst, Morrowville, Kansas
Rachel Footit, Meriden, Connecticut
Hannah Frobose, Pemberville, Ohio
Cameron Hayden, Cassopolis, Michigan
Emilee Holt, Caldwell, Idaho
Nicole Kibler, Edinburg, Virginia
Dean Klahr, Holton, Kansas
Cody LaFrentz, Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada
Shayne Myers, Colusa, California
Jake Pettigrew, Columbia City,
Shilo Schaake, Westmoreland, Kansas
Lucas Tuck, Bowling Green, Ohio
Whitney Whitaker, Templeton, California

Members of the National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team from Kansas State University (pictured front row, l to r) are: Chris Mullinix, Manhattan, Kan., coach; Lauren Prill, Wichita, Kan., assistant coach; Wyatt Durst, Morrowville, Kansas; Shayne Myers, Colusa, California; Cara Comstock, Deerfield, Missouri; Whitney Whitaker, Templeton, California; Hannah Frobose, Pemberville, Ohio; Nicole Kibler, Edinburg, Virginia; Emilee Holt, Caldwell, Idaho; Rachel Footit, Meriden, Connecticut; Jake Pettigrew, Columbia City, Indiana; Cody LaFrentz, Bienfait, Saskatchewan, Canada; and Travis O'Quinn, Manhattan, Kan., coach. Standing (back row, l to r) are: Kolton Aubuchon, Trinidad, Colorado; Dean Klahr, Holton, Kansas; Cameron Hayden, Cassopolis, Michigan; Payton Dahmer, Nevada, Missouri; Trevor DeHaan, Taylor, Missouri; Shilo Schaake, Westmoreland, Kansas; Cody Boden, Clear Brook, Virginia; and Lucas Tuck, Bowling Green, Ohio.