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Animal Sciences and Industry

Animal Sciences and Industry

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ASI Students Participate in Undergraduate Research Symposium

Fall 2018 undergrad researchMANHATTAN, Kan. – Undergraduate students presented posters during the Kansas State University Animal Sciences and Industry Undergraduate Research Symposium on Tuesday, December 11. The symposium hosted in Weber Hall on the K-State campus highlighted ASI undergraduate research for the fall 2018 semester.

This year's symposium and the Undergraduate Research Awards distributed during the event were sponsored by the Dr. Mark and Kim Young Undergraduate Research Fund in Animal Sciences and Industry.

Four students were awarded $1,000 scholarships based on a combination of their scientific abstract, poster and presentation of data. Winning the scholarships were: Keayla Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio; Lilli Heinen, Olathe, Kansas; Mary Markland, Overland Park, Kansas; and Yu Shin Wang, Taichung City, Taiwan.

Undergraduate research is an opportunity to perform in-depth study, gain transferable skills, develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, define academic and professional interests, and form relationships with mentors, professors, and other students. The program gives students the opportunity to work with ASI faculty and graduate student mentors on a project that is rewarding and helps them prepare for their next goals.

Undergraduate research helps students understand the value and constraints of data. Whether they go on to graduate school, return to the ranch, or venture into industry, these students will use data every day to make decisions. An undergraduate research experience helps them understand how to value that data during the decision-making process and will help make them more successful animal scientists.

Summary of the students' projects and mentors:

• Ashley Hartman – The effect of bull age on freeze-quality of beef semen – Dr. David Grieger

• Cameron Hayden – Effects of embryo production method and day of transfer post-estrus into recipients on pregnancy rates with bovine embryos – Dr. Karol Fike

• Linnea Rimmer – Impact of titrating levels of dried distillers' grain with solubles as a replacement of soybean meal on Boer goat fatty acid profiles – Dr. Cassie Jones

• Miranda Stubbs – Extrusion parameters and physical properties of sorghum-base dog food diets designed for a digestibility study – Dr. Scott Beyer

• Alexander Sevart – Kombucha: analysis of sugar content and label accuracy– Dr. Fadi Aramouni

The undergraduate research meat science course focused on the effects of quality grade influences on beef top sirloin cap (biceps femoris) eating quality. Students developed abstracts and posters as part of the course requirement. Researchers were: Kelsey Bradford, Zachary Callaghan, Greyson Collins, Samuel Davis, Carlie Dill, Keayla Harr, Lilli Heinen, Claudia Hissong, Jordan Johnson, Madison Loschke, Taylor Belle Matheny, Ellie Toothaker, Tessa Vanderree, Yu Shin Wang, Hannah Williams and Brenna Zimmerman.

The meat goat nutrition undergraduate research class focused their research on evaluating the impact of varying protein source and acid source on feedlot goat growth and carcass traits. Researchers were: Ashley Craig, Elizabeth Donaldson, Erika Ewing, Addison Gauthier, Jay Henry, Mary Markland, Hannah Miller, Allianna Mitchell, Taylor Mortsolf, Joel Nelson, Madeline Neufeld, Abbey Pentz, Mia Pentz, Madison Pflughoeft, Ashley Royce, Shelby Smith, Eric Valenzuela, Mikaela Weeder and Hsuan-Wei Wu.

Six of the undergraduate research students will be presenting their research at regional or national meetings.

Undergraduates interested in learning more about the ASI research program, or those interested in sponsoring the program, can contact Dr. Cassie Jones, Coordinator of Undergraduate Research, at 785-532-5289 or jonesc@ksu.edu.

Fall 2018 Undergrad Research Winners

Winners of the K-State Department of Animal Sciences and Industry Undergraduate Research Symposium
(pictured, l to r) are: Dr. Mark Young, sponsor, Agency, Mo.; Keayla Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio;
Lilli Heinen, Olathe, Kansas; Mary Markland, Overland Park, Kansas; Yu Shin Wang, Taichung City, Taiwan;
and Dr. Evan Titgemeyer, KSU ASI Interim Department Head.



The Kansas State University Animal Sciences and Industry department serves students, livestock producers and the animal and food industries through teaching, research and education.The K-State ASI department prepares students for careers in the animal and food industries. The curriculum includes the study of nutrition, reproduction, genetics, behavior, meat science, food science with production, management, and agribusiness skills.