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ASI Students Participate in Undergraduate Research Symposium

MANHATTAN, Kan. – A total of 33 undergraduate students presented their research during the Kansas State University Animal Sciences and Industry Undergraduate Research Symposium on Tuesday, December 8. The symposium, hosted virtually, highlighted ASI undergraduate research for the fall 2020 semester. 

This year’s symposium and the awards distributed following the event were sponsored by the Dr. Mark and Kim Young Undergraduate Research Fund in Animal Sciences and Industry.

Five students were awarded scholarships based on a combination of their scientific abstract, poster and presentation of data. Winning this semester’s scholarships were Sydney Bowman, Fort Lupton, Colorado; Audrey Marchek, Harper, Oregon; Faith McDonald, Tioga, Texas; Rylie Noland, Clearwater, Kansas; and Melanie White, Overland Park, Kansas.

The presentations have been uploaded to YouTube >> Watch Now

Sydney BowmanBowman, a junior in the production/management option, presented “Effects of a Lactobacillus and Bacillus probiotic on pre-ruminating calf growth performance and efficiency.” This was a course-based research project taught by Dr. Cassie Jones and co-mentored by Dr. Sara Gragg and Dr. A.J. Tarpoff.

Aubrey MarchekMarchek, a junior in the pre-veterinary/science option, presented “Effects of Bacillus and Lactobacillus species in milk replacer on health and growth performance of pre-ruminant calves through weaning.” This was part of the course-based research project taught by Jones and co-mentored by Gragg and Tarpoff.

McDonald, a sophomore in the pre-veterinary/science option, presented “Effects of feeding dried distillers grains plus solubles on goat meat shelf life and fatty acid composition.” This was part of the course-based research project taught and mentored by Dr. Michael Chao.

Faith McDonaldNoland, a sophomore in the bioscience/biotechnology option, presented “Association of respiration rate with adaptability/performance in mixed cattle.” This was an independent research project mentored by Dr. Megan Rolf. 

White, a senior in the pre-veterinary/science option, presented “The effect of high-amylase hybrid in feedlot cattle diets on ruminal fermentation of starch.” This was an independent research project mentored by Dr. Jim Drouillard. 

Rylie NolandUndergraduate research is an opportunity to perform in-depth study; gain transferable skills; develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities; define academic and professional interests; and form relationships with mentors, professors, and other students. The program gives students the opportunity to work with ASI faculty and graduate student mentors on a project that is rewarding and helps them prepare for their next goals. 

Undergraduate research helps students understand the value and constraints of data. Whether they go on to graduate school, return to the ranch or venture into industry, these students will use data every day to make decisions. An undergraduate research experience helps students understand how to value that data during the decision-making process and will help make them more successful animal scientistsMelanie White.

Undergraduates interested in learning more about the ASI research program, or those interested in sponsoring the program, can contact Dr. Cassie Jones, Coordinator of Undergraduate Research, at 785-532-5289 or jonesc@ksu.edu.




The Kansas State University Animal Sciences and Industry department serves students, livestock producers and the animal and food industries through teaching, research and education.The K-State ASI department prepares students for careers in the animal and food industries. The curriculum includes the study of nutrition, reproduction, genetics, behavior, meat science, food science with production, management, and agribusiness skills.