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Leone Named Don & Jane Good Outstanding Senior

Gabrii LeoneMANHATTAN, Kan. –Gabri Leone of Fowler, Colorado, has been selected as the 2022 Don & Jane Good Outstanding Senior.

While an undergraduate student in Animal Sciences and Industry (ASI) at Kansas State University, Gabri was a member of the 2021 National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team, 2021 Livestock Judging Team, 2020 Meat Judging Team, 2019 Wool Judging Team and on an ASI Academic Quadrathlon Team. A highlight of her judging career was being named National Champion High Individual Overall in the Meat Animal Evaluation Contest and winning second overall in the Meat Judging Contest at Houston.

“Gabri’s journey through her ASI degree program is a tremendous example of one embracing their intrinsic interests, that are molded by background, family, experiences and opportunities taken to find and pursue their true passion,” says Mike Day, KSU ASI department head. “Experiences with, and excellence in academics, internships, teams, clubs and animal units while at K-State contributed towards this direction and this award. We will proudly watch her progress in the medical field and appreciate her future roles as an ambassador for agriculture.”   

Previously recognized for her excellence, she was awarded the 2021 livestock judging Academic All-American, 2020 K-State Meat Judging Rachel Adams team spirit award and the Henry C. Gardiner Scholarship.

Leone is a member of the K-State Block & Bridle, KSU Collegiate Cattlemen’s Club and K-State Human Body Club. She is the K-State assistant wool judging coach where she assists other college students in their ability to grade wool, present oral reasons and expand their knowledge of the agricultural industry. 


Leone took advantage of industry-related experience in more places than just Kansas. She interned with the Nocona General Hospital June of 2021. Where she was a physicians’ intern, she was mentored and taught techniques in surgery, how to operate under pressure, doctor-patient relationships to practice and conducting trauma protocols on ambulances and Care Flight helicopters. Following the hospital, she interned with the Mayo Clinic in July where she gained experience by watching surgeries and assisting with pre- and post-operative procedures. Before college she was a ranch hand at Peak View Ranch and a receptionist and veterinary assistant at Peak View Animal Hospital. 

Leone is excited to begin medical school and her career as a doctor. “It’s a dream come true to serve as the bridge that connects innovative human medicine with the forever-essential agricultural industry,” she says.

The Don and Jane Good Outstanding Senior Award was developed in 2010 to recognize those that exceed expectations of involvement in the animal science department. These criteria were developed to match the legendary example set by Good: moral character, scholarly achievement, leadership skills, participation on judging teams, foreign and domestic travel, potential of contributing to humankind in the future and written and oral communication skills.




The Kansas State University Animal Sciences and Industry department serves students, livestock producers and the animal and food industries through teaching, research and education.The K-State ASI department prepares students for careers in the animal and food industries. The curriculum includes the study of nutrition, reproduction, genetics, behavior, meat science, food science with production, management, and agribusiness skills.