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KSU Swine Nutrition Team Evaluates Genesus Pig Requirements

New tool posted to KSUSwine.org to assist nutritionists.

MANHATTAN, Kan. –The Kansas State University (K-State) Animal Sciences and Industry (ASI) swine nutrition team has added a new tool to its suite of calculators on KSUSwine.org. The team recently developed and released a KSU lysine calculator for Genesus grow-finish pigs.

“Genesus had conducted a series of experiments to assess the requirements of their pigs,” explains Mike Tokach, K-State ASI distinguished professor and swine extension specialist. “They contacted K-State about independently evaluating their research for us to estimate the lysine requirement of their pigs.”

Hilario Cordoba, a KSU ASI master’s student in swine nutrition, built a database to review the data provided, evaluated the responses in each dietary phase, and reformulated the diets using NRC ingredient values in each dietary phase with the help of Dr. Jamil Faccin, a KSU ASI swine nutrition post doctorate. 

“After reviewing the data, we built a lysine response curve and model nutritionists can use when formulating diets for Genesus pigs,” explains Cordoba.  “The results confirm Genesus recommendations and provide an equation that swine nutritionists can use to estimate the requirement for Genesus genetics at any body weight in the finisher period.”

The “Calculator and Tools” page is one of the most visited and resourced pages within the KSUSwine.org website.

“We are very pleased with our collaboration with the K-State ASI swine nutrition team,” says Dr. Bob Kemp, Genesus vice president of genetic programs and R&D. “Their expertise and experience directly supported Genesus efforts to provide industry nutritionists and producers the detailed information and tools they require.” 




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