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KSU Equine Breeding Program

Mare Power

The KSU Horse Teaching and Research Unit maintains a Quarter Horse broodmare herd of 20-25 mares. The primary focus of the breeding program is to produce quality performance-bred horses that could be used for cutting, reining, roping, or general ranch work. We also maintain a small number of pleasure mares so that our students are exposed to more than one facet of the equine industry. The broodmares at KSU include daughters or granddaughters of:

  • Peppy San Badger
  • Nu Chex to Cash
  • Rugged Lark
  • Haidas Little Pep
  • Zan Parr Bar
  • Principle Investment
  • Meradas Money Talks
  • Doc O'Lena
  • Hotrodders Jet Set
  • Beuno Chex
  • Shining Spark
  • Zips Chocolate Chip
  • Sixes Pick
  • Royal Chic Olena
  • A Sudden Impulse
  • Smart Chic Olena
  • Peppys Lil Wil
  • Blazing Hot
  • Night Deposit Chex
  • Great Pine
  • Iota Invest
  • Smart Aristocrat
  • Seven From Heaven
  • One Gun
  • Bob Acre Doc
  • Doc Tom Tucker
  • CD Olena

Please see our Broodmare page for a list of the mares currently in our broodmare herd.


The stallions standing at KSU also represent some of the finest bloodlines in the Quarter Horse industry, including sons of Zips Chocolate Chip, Smart Spook, Topsail Whiz, and Nu Bar and are available to the general public for breeding purposes. The majority of these stallions have either built an impressive show record already or are currently in training and showing. Please see our Stallion page for a list of the stallions standing at KSU.

We are always accepting contracts for standing private stallions in upcoming seasons - we can offer breeding expertise, a well-equipped lab, low chute fees, along with good customer service in order to attract and keep potential customers. Contact the KSU Horse unit at 785-313-3323 for more information.


Equine>Katie and 07 foal.jpgMost of the horses produced at KSU are sold or consigned to a performance horse sale as yearlings or 2-yr olds. However, each year we keep several fillies that may serve as broodmare replacements as well as a few colts that we will start under saddle and then consign to a major regional sale or sell as a 3 or 4 yr-old. Deposits can be made anytime on horses that are enrolled in one of our four training courses. Please visit our For Sale page to see which KSU horses are currently available.


The Equine Program welcomes donations of quality mares, young stock or stallions that will fit in with our Quarter Horse breeding and training programs. The type of horse we can most effectively utilize are stock-type horses with an emphasis on cutting, reining or roping lines. High quality western pleasure mares will also be considered. Donated stallion breedings are also appreciated - we can cover shipping costs and will link your website to ours to help promote your stallion. Although we are not able to purchase horses or breedings, the donated value of the animal or service (breeding and chute fees) is considered tax deductible. Please contact Dr. Joann Kouba (785-532-1240) for more information on donations.

Our sincere THANKS to the following for supporting our breeding program with stallion breeding donations over the last few years!

2007 Foals>all three together.jpg