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Animal Sciences and Industry

Poultry Day and Pullet Sale

Our 2019 Poultry Day and Pullet Sale were a great success!

The KSU Poultry and Gamebird Research Unit hosted poultry enthusiasts from around the state as they attended the First Annual Poultry Day Workshop series in Manhattan, Kansas. The workshops were held in conjunction with the Annual KSU Pullet Sale, where backyard hobby flock owners could purchase ready-to-lay pullets that were managed and cared for by KSU Animal Science students throughout the spring semester. Keeping backyard poultry is both a hobby and food production opportunity enjoyed by more people today who often keep them as pets, for shows, and for egg production.

The Poultry Day activities included presentations by Dr. Scott Beyer, State Extension Poultry Specialist, on "How to manage your new pullets" then a discussion on "Health care for small flocks" followed by an open question session on raising poultry.

All participants were invited to try their hand at cooking their own omelet in a cooking school format. They learned about food handling techniques and safety.

Even with the overwhelming heat, around 80 people attended Poultry Days and another 45 purchased more than 700 pullets over the course of the day, all from 18 counties across the state. The poultry research and teaching group greatly appreciates all the help that was provided by 4-H members, 4-H Leaders and volunteers alike. The next Spring Pullet Sale is scheduled for April 25, 2020.

Here are copies of the presentations and demonstrations:
How to manage your new pullets
Omelet cooking school
Keeping Poultry Healthy

2020 Poultry Day and Pullet Sale is scheduled for April 25, 2020

The next Poultry Day and Pullet sale event will be held April 25 in Manhattan. The website will be ready for orders starting in January.