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Animal Sciences and Industry

Pullet Sale


2021 Annual Kansas State University Pullet Sale

The KSU Poultry and Gamebird Center will once again offer its annual spring pullet sale.  Each spring, KSU students and Avian Club members work with the teaching center to raise pullets as a team project. The birds we have for 2021 are all brown hybrids that lay brown eggs. They are highly productive, consume less feed than standard breeds, and will come fully vaccinated and almost ready-to-lay.  The birds will be 16+ weeks old, and should be ready to adjust to the new home just before producing their first egg.  

The pullets will be vaccinated for Marek’s disease, Infectious Bursal Disease, Fowl Pox, and Newcastle Disease plus boosters.  

Due to the pandemic, there will be a few changes for 2021.  All orders must be prepaid, so that contact at checkout is reduced.  The sale will be organized as a drive through pick up with a time slot for producers to get their birds. In 2021, the Pullet Days portion of the event will be held virtually via ZOOM. We will discuss how to manage pullets and layers and have a general poultry question and answer session.  Join us for either or both events, it should be a lot of fun!

Please fill out all ordering information here.  Thank you!