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Animal Sciences and Industry

Kansas State University Swine Teaching and Research Center

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The Swine Teaching and Research Center is located adjacent to the KSU Dairy and Beef Feedlot and can be reached by turning north off Marlatt Avenue or turning east off College Avenue. The Swine Teaching and Research Center has about 160 sows in production, which are of commercial line genetics. All females are bred by artificial insemination to terminal line boars. Sows are farrowed every 35 days in groups of 29. All offspring are weaned into one of two nursery facilities. After 7 weeks in the nursery facilities, pigs are moved to a growing facility or to one of three finishing building and utilized in nutritional research. In addition, pigs not utilized for research purposes are fed outside in lots until market weight.

The Swine Teaching and Research Center is home to cutting edge research in nutrition and reproduction. Numerous graduate and undergraduate students utilize the facility for gaining valuable knowledge and practical experience for future careers in the swine industry.

Visits can be arranged by contacting the Swine Teaching and Research Center.


Dr. Duane L. Davis
253 Weber Hall
Phone : 785-532-1224

Mr. Mark Nelson
218 Weber Hall
Phone : 785-539-9351


Mr. Duane Baughman
Phone : 785-539-9351

Mr. Frank Jennings
Phone : 785-539-9351