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Phase 2 nursery diet

The phase 2 diet is typically fed to pigs from 15 to 25 lb of body weight. During this phase, feeding behavior is already established and, thus, diet complexity is reduced. The phase 2 diet is typically based on grain and soybean meal with low levels of specialty protein sources and lactose. 

Soybean meal is often included at up to 20 to 24% of the diet. Other specialty protein sources often used in combination are fermented soybean meal, enzyme-treated soybean meal, or fish meal, among others. The level of lactose is reduced to around 7% lactose. Common sources of lactose are crystalline lactose, whey permeate, and dried whey, with whey products also providing a highly digestible source of amino acids. Fat begins to be utilized by the pig to improve growth performance and can be included at 1 to 3% in the diet. Common sources of fat are choice white grease or beef tallow, but other good-quality sources can be used if economically justifiable. 

A phase 2 supplement is provided at KSU Premix & Diet Recommendations as an option instead of the addition of individual ingredients such as specialty protein and lactose sources in the diet. 

Example Nursery Diets

Phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and intensive care example diets are available at KSU Premix & Diet Recommendations