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Vitamins and Minerals

Ca and P

The Ca and P requirements for lactating sows are largely determined by milk production and output of Ca and P in the milk (Bikker and Blok, 2017). With larger litter sizes and faster litter growth rates, calcium and phosphorus requirements will increase considerably throughout lactation to support the demand in milk production (Table 4). Gilts and younger parity sows will have greater needs to support maternal growth and development as they have not yet reached mature size (NRC, 2012). Also, gilts and younger parity sows may require greater Ca and P requirements as they potentially could have smaller mineral reserves for body mobilization compared to older parity sows (NRC, 2012). Limited data exists on Ca and P requirements for lactating sows and the mobilization of body reserves makes these requirements more difficult to estimate (Table 5).

Vitamins and Trace Minerals

Similar to gestating sows, trace mineral and additional vitamin supplementation is provided through a premix and a sow add pack or a vitamin premix designed for sows only.