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Animal Sciences and Industry

K-State Animal Science Leadership Academy Premier Program

We are excited to offer K-State Animal Science Leadership Academy Alumni a new program to continue their education and personal growth this summer. We will be hosting the first KASLA Premier Program that will offer past participants an additional opportunity for exclusive tours and leadership content.

The first K-State Animal Sciences Leadership Academy Premier Program is scheduled for July 12-14, 2017. Students who have successfully completed the KASLA program and who are 20 years old and younger at the time of the event, are encouraged to apply. This exciting new program will allow students the opportunity to continue building their personal leadership development and expand their industry knowledge.

KASLA Premier will kickoff in Greensburg, Kansas, at the Kiowa County Extension office. Attendees will then travel as a group to operations and organizations essential to livestock production in southwest Kansas. Students will travel by bus accompanied by KASLA staff for the duration of the three-day event with lodging throughout the area. Potential applicants should note that there will likely be considerable bus travel time involved in this opportunity. Please also note that due to the location of these tours, species variety may be limited and not all species will be represented.

Applications must be postmarked by May 15. Please contact Sharon Breiner, program director, at sbreiner@ksu.edu with questions.

Download KASLA Premier Program application

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