Meat Judging Team

The KSU Meat Judging Program began competition in 1927 and is the only school in the nation to participate in every International and American Royal Contest since then. The program continues to field a competitive team with seven national championships and eleven reserve national championships. Students interested in Meat Evaluation or the KSU Collegiate Meat Judging Team must enroll in ASI 370, Principles of Meat Evaluation in the fall. The course is designed for Sophomores and Juniors to provide a background in grading and evaluation of beef, pork, and lamb carcasses, cuts, and specifications. No previous experience is necessary. Students who complete the course are eligible to participate in contests during the spring and fall of the following year. The spring team begins workouts after the new year and participates in three contests (National Western, Denver; Southwestern, Dallas/Ft. Worth; and Houston). The fall team begins workouts when school starts in the fall and participates in four contests (Iowa State, American Royal, Emporia; Excel/High Plains, Plainview, TX; and International, Dakota City, NE). The team is financially supported by the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, College of Agriculture Competition Teams Council, Studnet Government Association, and donations to the Livestock and Meat Industry Foundation. Scholarships are available through the College of Agriculture.

Contact Information

Dr. Travis O'Quinn
Assistant Professor
244 Weber Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
Phone : 785-532-3469
Fax : 785-532-7059

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