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Animal Sciences and Industry

Little American Royal

Species include: Goats, Sheep, Dairy, Swine, Equine, and Beef

The Little American Royal Showmanship Contest will take place on April 7, 2018, in Weber Arena.

Sign up February 6-8, 2018 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in Weber and Waters Hall. Cost is $20 to participate including a t-shirt.  

2018 Schedule:

10 a.m. Registration

12:30 p.m. Introduction

12:45 p.m. Horse, Goat, Sheep Show

1:30 p.m. Beef, Dairy, Swine Show


Sponsored by: The Kansas State University Block & Bridle and Dairy Science Club



Faculty Advisors

Dr. David A. Nichols
Professor/Teaching Coordinator
133 Weber Hall
Phone : 785-532-1239

Dr. Jeffrey S. Stevenson
254 Weber Hall
Phone : 785-532-1243

Dr. Scott L. Schaake
Associate Professor
127 Weber Hall
Phone : 785-532-1242