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It's an exciting time at K-State and for the Animal Sciences and Industry department. The goal behind Kansas State University’s Agricultural Innovation Initiative is driving new discovery and embracing next-generation learning requires interdisciplinary vision and facilities that offer collaborative spaces to enhance the problem-solving abilities of current and future workforces. The $220 million project includes new facilities, renovations of current buildings and improvements in the technology and equipment necessary for interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research and continue to enhance the college’s exceptional student experience.

The Ag Innovation Initiative includes building the Bilbrey Family Event Center north of campus in the Animal Sciences Gateway Campus near the Stanley Stout Center. It will include a state-of-the-art arena and facilities for KSU ASI teaching and extension events.

Also included in this Initiative is a remodel of Weber and Call Halls. These upgrades will allow students to have hands-on learning on the main campus through the new learning pavilion. The pavilion will have adjacent animal holding facilities and direct access to the updated Meat Lab to integrate live-to-meat evaluation. The new upgrades will improve Weber Hall accessibility and provide updates to research and teaching labs in Weber and Call Halls. The initiative will fully modernize the Dairy Processing Plant in Call Hall to meet the needs of the industry, students and researchers. Along with the plant, Call Hall Dairy Bar will relocate to the main entrance of the new Global Center for Grain and Food Innovation, increasing its visibility and featuring all food products produced by the College of Agriculture.

Bilbrey Family Event Center Construction

Bilbrey Event Center Construction Site


Time lapse video from last week...



Weber Arena Demolition and Global Center for Grain and Food Innovation




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Remembering Weber Arena