2016 Swine Profitability Conference

Special Lecture: Jack and Pat Anderson Lecture in Swine Health Management: Future Direction of the Midwest Land-Based Swine Businesses
Dr. Steve Henry, Abilene Animal Hospitals

My Vision for our Swine Business — What Changes will be Important for our Future Success
Michael Springer, Independence, Kansaas

Staying Competitive in a Changing Swine Industry
Bart Beattie, F.L. Beattie, Inc., Sumner, Nebraska

What We’ve Learned During the Past Two Years about the Pork Sector
Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University

My Journey From KSU Backup Quarterback to Heisman Trophy Finalist
Collin Klein, K-State Athletics

2015 Swine Profitability Conference

Economic Considerations for Growing the U.S. Swine Industry
Glynn Tonsor, KSU Department of Agriculutural Economics

Jack and Pat Anderson Lecture in Swine Health Management: Achieving World Class Swine Production: Is There a Silver Bullet?
Larry Coleman and Tim Friedel, Vet Care, Broken Bow, Nebraska

What Have I Done to Make My Land-Based System Successful
Craig Christensen, Ogden, Iowa

Lessons I’ve Learned About Marketing Pork to the Chef’s of High-End Restaurants of New York
Craig Good, Olsburg, KS

2013 Swine Profitability Conference

Five Key Changes to Modern Management Practices Necessary to Improve Profitability
Dr. Jeff Demint, Bern-Sabetha Veterinary Clinic

The Changing Landscape of the U.S. Swine Industry
Dr. Ron Plain, University of Missouri

Keeping a Swine Business Going for the Lang Haul: What Our Family has Done to Insure Success

Roy Henry and JoAnn Alumbaugh