Game Birds in Kansas

The state of Kansas is well known for its abundant population of wildlife, especially all types of game birds. With a central location and a perfect environment for pheasant, quail, wild turkey and prairie chickens, people come from all over the United States to enjoy the Kansas outdoors and participate in recreational activities which include game bird hunting.

Kansas is also known for the Blueback, a pheasant which is said to fly higher and faster than other Ringneck Pheasants found in other states. And to top it off, the State of Kansas lies right in middle of some of the best prairie chicken habitat in the nation. Our wild turkey populations have expanded all across Kansas making this one of the best states in the country to go on a turkey hunt.

There are many quail and pheasant producers located across the state. Some of these producers have their own breeding flock from which they hatch eggs and grow releasable birds to adult size. Other producers hatch and produce chicks or only purchase and grow birds for release. This industry also employs a number of hunting guides who assist clients on bird hunts of all kinds. Many farms and ranches provide complete services ranging all the way from dog training and boarding, access to prime hunting areas, and even running bed and breakfast programs.