Youth Poultry Judging

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4-H and FFA Poultry Judging Events

The Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at KSU provides support for 4-H and FFA District Judging Contests as well as the State contest where our championship teams are declared. The state 4-H contest is held the second Saturday during the Kansas State Fair on the fairgrounds. The FFA judging contest is held around the first week of May in Weber arena on the KSU campus. About 2,000 youths participate in the poultry judging contests each year.

Information about FFA Poultry Judging

The Poultry Information Guide that will be used for District and State contests for the next 5 years is now in publication. Click here for a summary of anticipated changes (pdf) that have been made and a source to purchase your manual. Many students show up at the state FFA contest unable to fill out the answer form because they are not familiar with the scan sheet we use to grade the state contest. Click here for a copy of the latest version of the scan sheet (pdf) which we plan to use in the state contest. You can print it out and practice with it before you get to the contest. A lot of poultry team coaches ask for practice material for the FFA CDE. I am glad to help in whatever way that I can. On this site I plan to provide a source of material for coaches and teams to use in preparation for the contests. I will be adding new material often, so please check back and see what's been added.

2021 Poultry FFA CDE Information

For district and state contests, the team event and exam will focus on the Hatchery and Chick section in the Cobb Broiler Management Guide posted here: Broiler Management Guide

Practice 4-H Judging Contest Slides, Score Cards and Keys

Practice team activities (pdf format)

Team Activity 1 Team Activity 2 Team Activity 3 Team Activity 4
Team Activity 5 Team Activity 6 Team Activity 7 Team Activity 8
Team Activity 9 Team Activity 10 Team Activity 11

Practice exams (pdf format)

Contest Exam 1 Contest Exam 2 Contest Exam 3 Contest Exam 4
Contest Exam 5 Contest Exam 6 Contest Exam 7 Contest Exam 8

NEW Judging Cards for 2012-2017 (pdf format) Note: These sheets have the card on one side, and how they are graded on the other. These cards are ONLY used at district contests and not the state contest. Also, here is a list of 2012 FFA Poultry Changes (pdf).

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Class 5 Class 6 & 7 Class 8 Class 9
Class 10 Class 11 Class 12

Further Processed Poultry Meat Product slide sets for teaching and practice. Below are sets of slides (in PowerPoint) that can be downloaded and used for practice. The student view shows only the products, the instructor view shows the product with the answer. After you click on the slide set, you will need to click "read-only". You will need the Microsoft Powerpoint reader to view the slides which you can download free from the Powerpoint website.

Student Set 1 Instructor Set 1 PDF Version
Student Set 2 Instructor Set 2 PDF Version
Student Set 3 Instructor Set 3 PDF Version
Student Set 4 Instructor Set 4 PDF Version
Student Set 5 Instructor Set 5 PDF Version
Student Set 6 Instructor Set 6 PDF Version

Common Scoring Mistakes on Answer Form

The state contest uses the national form for the FFA Poultry CDE in Manhattan. Each year, we see numerous mistakes which can lead to low and even a zero score in some categories. I have put together a summary of examples that represent the most common mistakes. You can print the original form to help your students understand how to fill out the form.