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Animal Sciences and Industry

Regulations and veterinary feed directives


TitleKey wordSource
Antibiotic use in food-producing animalsRegulationsCDC
Antibiotics on the farm: regulationsRegulationsPork checkoff
VFDs answers to your questionsVFD overviewBeef Cattle Inst. KSU
 VFD for producersPreparation for VFDFDA
Medically important antimicrobial in animal agriculturePreparation for VFDFDA
 VFD Final rule and next stepsPreparation for VFDFDA
 Sample VDF formPreparation for VFDBeef Cattle Inst. KSU
 Drugs transitioning over-the-counter (OTC) to VFD statusPreparation for VFDFDA
Pork checkoff: Antibiotics & FDAPreparation for VFDFDA