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Animal Sciences and Industry

Alternatives to antibiotics in livestock production

TitleKey wordSource

Alternatives to antibiotics in animal agriculture

ReviewsPEW Charitable Trust
Modulating immunity as a therapy for bacterial infectionsReviewsNature microb. review
Antibiotic alternatives: the substitution of ab in animal husbandryReviewsFrontiers in microb.
Natural alternatives to in-feed antibiotics in pig production: can immunomodulators play a role? ReviewsResearch gate
Alternatives to antibiotics as growth promoters for use in swine productions: a review. ReviewsBiomed Central
Alternatives to in-feed antibiotics in pigs: Evaluation of probiotics, zinc or organic acids.ReviewsHAL
Feed additives for swine: Fact sheets – prebiotics and probiotics, and phytogenics.ReviewsAASV
Control strategies for post weaning diarrhea in pigsReviewsActa Veterinaria Scandinavica
Critical review of acidifiersAcidifiersNational Pork Board
A review of the effects of dietary organic acids fed to swineAcidifiersBiomed Central
Specialized protein products in broiler chicken nutritionAnimal plasmaScience Direct
The effects of adding spray dried plasma protein to starter diets for pigsAnimal plasmaSimposio de Nutricao, Brazil
Veterinary vaccines: alternatives to antibiotics? Antibacterial vaccinesCambridge Univ. Press
Current status of veterinary vaccinesAntibacterial vaccinesClinical microb. Review
Antimicrobial peptides. Pharmaceuticals.Antimicrobial peptidesPharmaceuticals
Antimicrobial peptides: Promising alternatives to conventional antibiotics. Antimicrobial peptidesJ. Mol. Microbiol. Biotechnol.
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Application of egg yolk antibodies as replacement for antibiotics in poultryEgg yolk antibodiesPoultry Science Journal
Application of chicken egg yolk immunoglobulins in the control of animal diseasesEgg yolk antibodiesPoultry Science Journal
Use of phytogenic products as feed additives for swine and poultryPhytogenicsJ. Anim. Sci.
Current use of phytogenic feed additives in animal nutrition: a review. PhytogenicsCzech J. Anim. Sci.
Plasmids biopharmaceuticalsPlasmid VaccinationMicrob. Spectrum
DNA vaccination in poultryPlasmid VaccinationScience Direct
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The potential benefits of probiotics in animal production and healthProbioticsJ. Anim. Vet Adv.
Quorum sensing in veterinary medicineQuorum sensing inhibitors Veterinary Microbiology
The use of quorum sensing to improve vaccine immune response. Quorum sensing inhibitors Vaccine
The effects of yeast derivatives on growth performance in commercial broilers.Yeast derivativesVirginia Tech
Dietary modulation of immune function by beta-glucansYeast derivativesScience Direct
Effects of supplemental zinc source and level on growth performance of broilers ZincPoultry Science Journal
Growth-promoting efficacy of pharmacological doses of zinc in diets for nursery pigsZincCan. J. Anim. Sci.