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Animal Sciences and Industry

Dairy Metabolism Lab
Dept. Animal Sci. & Ind.
Kansas State University
135 Call Hall
1530 Mid-Campus Dr. N.
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-5681 fax
Email: bbradfor@ksu.edu

Lab alumni

Graduate Students

Chad Mullins
- Owner, DairyStrong Consulting

Scott Morey
- Veterinarian, Fenton River Veterinary Services

D.J. Rezac
- Director of Business Development, Midwest Veterinary Services

Cynthia Martel
- Dairy science extension agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension

Michelle Sullivan
- Dairy management consultant and nutritionist, Cargill

Jaymelynn Farney
- Assistant professor and extension beef specialist, Kansas State University

Kai (Karl) Yuan
- Senior technical advisor, Quality Liquid Feeds

Claudio Fabián Vargas-Rodríguez
- Faculty, University of Costa Rica

Gail Carpenter
- Assistant professor, University of Guelph

 Sarah Sivinski
- Research Scientist, Neogen Corporation


Post-doctoral Scholars

Miriam Garcia
- Corvallis Research Center Director, Phibro Animal Health


Veterinary Scholar and Undergraduate Students  (a sampling...)

Kabel Robbins
- Veterinarian, Butterball

Megan Haney
- Comparative medicine resident, Univ. Missouri

Brian Godsey
- Veterinarian, Marketplace Animal Hospital

Sara Stoakes Kvidera
- Ruminant technical manager, Micronutrients

Jennifer Kiser
- Research associate, Washington State University

Amber Laudick
- Corporate Quality and Process Control Staff Engineer, Hormel Foods


2016 Lab Group