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Jr. Dairy Show Archives

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2019 Junior Dairy Show Results

Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
Classes, Official Placings, and Cuts
Reason Score Data
Placing Score Data
Overall Score Data
Summary of All Individual Data

Dairy Cattle Skill A Thon
Skill A Thon Results

Dairy Show Results
Showman Results
Color Breed Show Results
Holstein Show Results

Clean Stall Award

County Herd Award

Sweepstakes Award

Quiz Bowl Winners:
1st Place — Fieldmen
Nathan Featherston, Riley County
Drew Benfer, RVD - Concordia
Adison Henderson, Cowley
Ethan Henry, WD - Independence

2nd Place — Ayrshire
Katrina Ball, RVD - Belleville
Austin Henderson, Cowley
Jonathan Featherstone, Riley
Nikki Wright, Kingman


2018 Show Results

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