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Animal Sciences and Industry

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Bovine SomatotropinBovine Somatotropin (BST)

February 1994

By-ProductsValuable Materials from Livestock By-ProductsOctober 1994
CasingsAre All Meat Casings Edible?January 1995
ColorThe Color of MeatSeptember 1993
ColorPink Color in Cooked MeatJune 1994
CookerySuccessful Meat CookeryMarch 1994
FrankfurterWhat is in a Frankfurter?October 1993
Ground BeefThe Difference Between Ground Beef and HamburgerApril 1995
HamHam and Ham ProductsJanuary 1994
IndustryDevelopment of the U.S. Meat IndustryNovember 1994
IngredientsIngredients in Processed Meat ProductsMarch 1995
IngredientsWhat's in the Sauce?August 1995
InspectionThe Meat Inspection ProcessSeptember 1994
IrradiationFood Irradiation - The Next Step in Food SafetyNovember 1995
KosherKosher MeatSeptember 1995
LabelingUnderstanding Fresh Meat LabelsJuly 1994
LabelingUnderstanding Safe Handling LabelsJuly 1995
Mail OrderBuying Mail-Order MeatOctober 1995
MicroorganismsMicroorganisms and MeatFebruary 1995
NitriteUse of Nitrite to Cure MeatDecember 1993
NutritionThe Nutritive Value of MeatAugust 1994
PreservationMeat Preservation (Powerpoint presentation)August 2000
QualityThe Quality of BeefDecember 1994
SafetyHandling Meat SafelyNovember 1993
SafetyUsing a Meat ThermometerFebruary 1996
SausageIdentifying SausagesMay 1994
Shelf StableShelf Stable MeatsApril 1994
SmokeSmoked MeatsDecember 1995
StorageStoring MeatMay 1995
VarietyVariety MeatsJune 1995