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Animal Sciences and Industry

Poultry Courses

*Not offered in all years

Course No.CourseSemesterCreditsDelivery Method
ASI 102DPrinciples of Animal Science
[Course Form (pdf)]
Fall, Spring, Summer3Distance
ASI 106Dairy and Poultry Science
[Course Form (pdf)]
Fall, Spring1On Campus
ASI 303History and Attitudes of Animal Use
[Course Form (pdf)]
Spring3On Campus
ASI 310Poultry and Poultry Product Evaluation
[Course Form (pdf)]
Fall2On Campus
ASI 318Fundamentals of Nutrition
[Course Form (pdf)]
Spring3On Campus
ASI 318DFundamentals of Nutrition
[Course Form (pdf)]
Fall, Spring, Summer3Distance
ASI 399ASI Quadrathalon
[Course Form (pdf)]
Spring1On Campus
ASI 400Farm Animal ReproductionSpring4On Campus
ASI 500GeneticsFall, Spring3On Campus
ASI 510Animal Breeding PrinciplesFall, Spring3On Campus
ASI 533Anatomy and PhysiologyFall, Spring4On Campus
ASI 540Principles of Animal Disease ControlSpring3On Campus
ASI 640Poultry Products TechnologySpring3On Campus
ASI 640DPoultry Products TechnologyFall, Spring, Summer3Distance
ASI 645Poultry Management
[Course Form (pdf)]
Spring*3On Campus
ASI 655Behavior of Domestic AnimalsFall3On Campus
ASI 661M.A.E.T.Spring1On Campus
ASI 661Meat Study TourSpring1On Campus
ASI 675Monogastric NutritionFall1On Campus
ASI 676Avian NutritionFall**1On Campus
ASI 682Formulation of Livestock and Poultry DietsFall1On Campus
ASI 710Physiology of Reproduction in Farm AnimalsFall*3On Campus
ASI 799Graduate Internship in Animal Sciences and IndustryFall, Spring1On Campus
ASI 860Analytical Techniques--Sample Preparation and Beginning AnalFall1On Campus
ASI 861Analytical Techniques--Mineral AnalysesFall1On Campus
ASI 862Analytical Techniques--Carbohydrate and Lipid AnalysesFall1On Campus
ASI 863Analytical Techniques--Radiosotyope UseFall1On Campus
ASI 920Energy Utilization in Domestic Livestock
[Course Form (pdf)]
Fall1On Campus
ASI 921Protein and Amino Acid Utilization in Domestic LivestockFall1On Campus