Dairy Cattle Judging Team

The Kansas State University Dairy Cattle Judging Team annually competes in the following contests:

  • Fort Worth Stock Show - Ft. Worth, TX
  • Southern National Holstein/Jersey Show – Stillwater, OK
  • Western National Holstein Show – Richmond, UT
  • World Dairy Expo - Madison, WI
  • North American International Livestock Expo -Louisville, KY
  • NACTA – Location Varies

The team also performs public service activities for the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry. They serve as officials for the State 4-H and FFA Judging Events and several regional FFA events. Participation in this activity improves communication skills, knowledge of the dairy industry and leadership skills. Travel expenses are covered by the Harry Burger Endowment Fund, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry and the College of Agriculture.

Students interested in participating in the judging team are encouraged to enroll in ASI 396 – Introduction to Dairy Cattle Judging in the spring semester of each year. Students may also earn credit by enrolling in ASI 420 – Advanced Dairy Cattle Judging in the fall. Previous dairy judging experience is not required, but a desire to learn and invest time is required. The dairy judging team is a positive experience for those pursuing careers in the dairy industry, looking to improve communication and evaluation skills, and helps to build a strong resumé for graduate/professional school applications and for future employment.

Contact Information

Billy Brown
Call Hall 131
1530 Mid-Campus Drive North
Manhattan, KS 66506

Team Archives - 2000 to Present

Team Archives - 1970 to 1999

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