Poultry Judging Team

Since 1995, the Kansas State University Poultry Judging Team has steadily climbed into the National Rankings, including two national championships and several reserve championships in recent years. The team competes in a National Competition at the University of Arkansas each fall as well as a National Event at Louisiana State University each spring. The contestants evalute the quality and performance of live birds as well as processed poultry meat egg products.

The K-State team is now among the top competitors in poultry judging, even among schools with specific poultry departments, and have earned numerous trophies and awards. Many team members have gone to positions in management or supervisory roles within the commercial poultry industry. Participation on the team ensures job interviews within many segments of the industry.

Animal Science students who participate on the Poultry Judging Team learn their skills in a poultry evaluation class. In this class, members evaluate meat quality, egg quality as well as live bird handling characteristics. These participants become eligible for additional scholarships targeted to students interested in the poultry area within the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry.

Team Archives - 1980 to Present

Team Archives - 1950 to 1979

Team Archives - 1921 to 1949

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