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Animal Sciences and Industry

Dairy Cattle Judging Team

The Kansas State University Dairy Cattle Judging Team annually competes in the following contests: Southwest in Ft. Worth, TX; World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI; Accelerated Genetics Intercollegiate Contest in Viroqua, WI; and the NAILE Dairy Judging Contest in Louisville, KY.

The team also performs public service activities for the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry. They serve as officials for the State 4-H and FFA Judging Events and several regional FFA events. Participation in this activity improves communication skills, knowledge of the dairy industry and leadership skills. travel expenses are covered by the Harry Burger Endowment Fund, Department of Animal Sciences and Industry and the College of Agriculture.

Contact Information

Jarrod Blackburn
Graduate Student/Dairy Judging Coach
123 Call Hall
Phone : 785-532-6076


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