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Animal Sciences and Industry

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Previous Undergraduate Research Experiences

Students who have previously been enrolled in a course based or independent research project share their experiences in the program. These students will be entering the work force, graduate school or medical school and will utilize this experience in their future. Students present their findings at the Department of Animal Sciences & Industry Undergraduate Research Forum during the Tuesday of Finals week each semester. Previous student research abstracts and posters can be viewed at https://krex.k-state.edu/dspace/handle/2097/39838.

"I took Dr. Jones undergraduate research course my junior year here at Kansas State University, and it completely changed my career as a undergraduate. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the class, but I absolutely loved it. We conducted a project on increasing Gleptoforte dosages in fetal pigs. This is a great class to take if you are curious about research and think that is something you would like to base your career around. It also gives you hands on experience with livestock and lets you network with people in the Animal Science Department. This class pushed me to conduct several independent undergraduate research projects, and lead me to finding a career in research post graduation. I cannot wait to see how this course progresses and expands throughout the next couple of years."
– Mylah Knight, Undergraduate Student


"In the spring of 2018, I completed a research project with Dr. Jones. The objective of our research was to evaluate the impact of use of Dried Distillers Grains with Soluables (DDGS) for incremental replacement of Soybean Meal (SBM) in a Boer goat diet. I am a Pre-Med student and had never considered how being a part of an Animal Science research project would be compatible with my post-graduate plans. I really enjoyed doing my first project in a class format because there is so much to learn before you actually do the research. Our project gave me a greater appreciation and understanding of the research that goes on behind the scenes in all fields. Dr. Jones did a fantastic job of shining a positive light on research and I will certainly be doing more research while I'm here at KSU. This classroom styled research has set me up for success if I decide to continue doing research in medical school."
– Anna Behrens, Undergraduate Student


"Being a part of the undergraduate research class has given me experience using the research process, connected me with career professionals and given me the opportunity to lead my peers. I was able to make connections that could lead to future job opportunities while presenting my project at Midwest Animal Science meetings and gained Dr. Jones as a valuable mentor. Being a teaching assistant for the class has sharpened my leadership skills and help apply the knowledge I learned in the class through teaching the material to my peers."
– Darby Schmidt, Undergraduate Student


"With the help of Dr. Megan Rolf I conducted undergraduate research on The effects of beef cattle temperament of feed and water intake. I could notice in myself how excited I was to conduct the research based on the topic at hand and it really opened my eyes to realize what I am truly passionate about and they type of focus I want within my future career."
– Dean Klahr, Undergraduate Student