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Welcome to the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry website! Established in 1863, Kansas State University is the nation's first land-grant institution. The first department dedicated to teaching animal agriculture was the Farming Department. In 1905 the Animal Husbandry Department was formed. In 1977 our name officially changed to Animal Sciences and Industry (ASI). Read More

Dr. Miles McKee and Animal Sciences & Industry at the Museum of Wonder


Upcoming Events

Cattlemen's Day

March 6, 2015
Weber Hall

The Legacy Sale
Stanley Stout Livestock Marketing Ctr.
2200 Denison Ave.
March 6, 2015
3:30 p.m.

Sheep Producer Day
Sheep & Meat Goat Ctr.
2117 Denison Ave.
March 7, 2015


150th K-State
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Animal Sciences & Industry


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Building the Legacy Book

Building the Legacy - A History of the Kansas State University Department of Animals Sciences & Industry

Written by Dr. Miles McKee

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