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Animal Sciences and Industry

Animal Sciences and Industry

Kansas State University
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Manhattan, KS 66506-8028

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Kansas State University Research Offers New Hope for Saving Runt Pigs

Researchers at Kansas State University are looking at ways that piglets grow during their mother's pregnancy, hoping to reduce the incidence of runt pigs.

Producers Focus on Replacement Heifer Selection

Bob Weaber, cow-calf specialist, provides strategies to choose efficient replacement females for the herd.

Cooler Temperatures Mean Rodents Seeking Shelter

K-State wildlife specialist, Charlie Lee, discusses why rodent control is important to prevent property damage and the potential spread of diseases.

Kansas State University Swine Researchers Say Feeding Amino Acids Cuts Costs, Benefits Environment

Kansas State University researchers have been learning more about how adding amino acids to swine feed helps improve animal muscle safely while reducing producer's costs and a farm's environmental impact.

Kansas State University, Iowa State University Improving Feed Efficiency in Swine Herds

Researchers at Kansas State University are making steady progress in developing improved diets for pigs, a science so exact that even a 1 percent improvement in feeding efficiency can translate into $100 million of added profit to the U.S. swine industry.

Ground Meat Safety from Pasture to Plate

Safety protocols in place during processing and tips for ground meat safety in the home. Watch video featuring Londa Nwadike and Travis O'Quinn.

Kansas State University Researchers Studying Ways to Combat Deadly Swine Virus

Jason Woodworth, research associate professor of animal sciences and industry, is part of a research team studying the presence of the deadly porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, known as PEDv, in animal feed and ways to stop transmission of the disease through the feed.

Kansas State University Researchers Target Inflammation to Help Dairy Cows

Kansas State University animal scientists have discovered that reducing the inflammation caused during birth of a calf may be the key to helping a dairy cow recover more quickly and go on to a more productive life.

Kansas State University Student Employee of the Year

Kyle Hooker, senior in animal sciences and industry, Benton, was named Student Employee of the Year.



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Feb. 22, 23, and 25

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March 4

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Animal Sciences & Industry

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