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Range Beef Cow Symposium to be Hosted in Wyoming

The Range Beef Cow Symposium will be held at Little America Hotel and Resort, Cheyenne, WY, on November 28-30, 2017.

Started in 1969, the Range Beef Cow Symposium is a joint effort between the Extension programs of South Dakota State University, Colorado State University, the University of Nebraska and University of Wyoming. Held every other year, the conference focuses on production-oriented information for ranchers, livestock managers, and industry personnel. This meeting is one of the very best learning and networking opportunities for commercial cow/calf producers.

The two-and-a-half day program includes segments on industry issues, grazing management, nutrition, outlook for beef demand, herd health, consumer demand, cattle handling, ranch management and ranch transitioning. In addition to the formal program, there are several added programs, socials, a large Trade Show, and other opportunities to meet and interact with many people in the industry. Some of the activities include:
• Pre-conference event Monday evening sponsored by Certified Angus Beef and Zoetis – contact your local Zoetis representative for additional information
• Wednesday morning breakfast sponsored by Zinpro and Leachman of Colorado
• Nightly bull-pen sessions with each day's featured speakers
• Thursday workshop, held at LCCC teaching arena, focusing on body condition and frame scoring, discussion of A.I./repro, and range monitoring.

You will find additional information at the meeting website www.rangebeefcow.com including online registration and information for vendors. A large block of discounted rooms has been reserved at the conference site, Little America Hotel and Resort. For Little America room reservations call 800-445-6945 and ask for the Range Beef Cow Symposium room block. Early registration deadline is Oct. 25, 2017.


“Weaning: Help Your Calves Make the Transition”

by Justin W. Waggoner, beef systems specialist

Weaning is our opportunity as cattle producers to prepare calves for the next phase of the beef production cycle. Weaning represents a transition and how well we prepare calves for the transition is essential to the outcome.

The goal of weaning is to produce a healthy calf that is comfortable without its dam, readily consumes feed and has successfully acclimated to a new environment. One of the essential transitions a calf has to make during weaning is the transition from mother’s milk and grazed forage to grazed forage and supplement, hay and supplement, or a ration containing novel feeds delivered in a bunk.  

Feeding both cows and calves a small amount of the supplement or weaning ration prior to weaning, in the weaning pen or pasture can be used to help acclimate calves to both the feeds and the environment. Additionally, feed intake of weaned calves is often low (1 to 1.5% of bodyweight, dry basis) immediately following weaning.

Calves also have relatively high nutr ient requirements. Thus, the weaning diet must be nutrient dense to meet the nutrient requirements of the calves at the expected intakes previously mentioned. Unfortunately, the dry feeds calves are often most familiar with (typically grass hays) are not necessarily nutrient dense. At the K-State Agriculture Research Center, Hays, KS, a feeding management protocol for weaning calves has been developed that works well for transitioning weaned calves to a total mixed ration.

The protocol is summarized in the table below. Essentially, high-quality grass hay and the weaning ration are offered each at 0.5% of the calves’ current bodyweight, dry basis, on the day of weaning. The weaning ration is placed in the bottom of the bunk and the hay is placed on top. The amount of the weaning ration is steadily increased, while the amount of hay offered remains constant. In addition, on day 4 the hay is placed on the bottom of the bunk. Over a period of 7-10 days the dry intake of the calves is steadily increased and should reach approximately 2.2-2.5% of the calves bodyweight by 10-14 days following weaning.


 Table 1. K-State ARC-Hays Weaning Feed Management Protocol*

Table 1. K-State ARC-Hays Weaning Feed Management Protocol

*Remove any uneaten feedstuffs before feeding current days ration For more information, contact Justin Waggoner.



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The K-State beef extension team strives to address all phases of beef production from "farm to fork".


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