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Toxic Algae Blooming in Farm Ponds: K-State beef veterinarian A.J. Tarpoff addresses the potential of toxic blue-green algae building up in farm ponds again this summer, and the dangers that poses to cattle and other livestock which drink from those ponds....he talks about identifying it, having pond water tested for it, and what to do if blue-green algae is confirmed.

Register for K-State Ranching Summit

Registration is now open for the K-State Ranching Summit. This event is designed to equip managers with the skills to address the challenges of ranching in the business climate of today and tomorrow. The theme of this year's program is Beef 2030 – Pursuing technology, transparency and profitability.

"Market forecasts point to declining revenues for cow-calf producers over the next several years. To ensure profitability, ranch managers will need to make a number of strategic management decisions." says Dr. Bob Weaber, K-State cow-calf extension specialist. "The Ranching Summit was designed from the ground up to bolster the managerial knowledge and skills of beef producers."

Hosted by the Kansas State University Animal Sciences and Industry Department and K-State Research and Extension, the event will be Wednesday, Aug.15, in Manhattan, Kansas, at the K-State Alumni Center. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and the program starts at 9 a.m.

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Tally Time: Management Minder outlines your production year

Technology has been developed that makes many things in our lives much easier. Some of you may remember when you were the “remote control” when your Dad was watching TV. Now, new homes have heating, alarm and lighting systems throughout that can be controlled remotely with a smart phone. Cattle producers use electronic IDs to automate many data collection activities. Computer applications seem to only be limited by our imagination.

Our beef extension educational efforts have often pointed out timely management topics. For example, now is the time to sample harvested forages and get an analysis of the quality. Some of those items would relate to time of year, while others would depend on the individual operation’s calving and breeding dates. So, while those suggestions are timely for most (we hope), they certainly do not fit everyone.

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Focus Areas

The K-State beef extension team strives to address all phases of beef production from "farm to fork".


Upcoming Events

KLA/KSU Field Days
Aug. 16, 2018 • Loma Land and Cattle Co. (Robert Thayer family), La Cygne

Kansas Range Tallgrass School
Camp Wood YMCA
Elmdale, Kansas
August 21-23, 2018

Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle
Ruidoso, NM
Aug. 29-30, 2018

KSU Stocker Field Day
KSU Stocker Unit
Manhattan, Kansas
September 20, 2018

ASI Family and Friends Reunion
Stanley Stout Center
Manhattan, Kansas
October 12, 2018


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