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Animal Sciences and Industry

Dairy Metabolism Lab
Dept. Animal Sci. & Ind.
Kansas State University
135 Call Hall
1530 Mid-Campus Dr. N.
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-5681 fax
Email: bbradfor@ksu.edu

Lab members


Barry Bradford 


Barry Bradford, PhD

After growing up in the beef industry, I fell for dairy cows through research experiences at Iowa State and Michigan State.  Since joining the faculty at K-State in 2006, I've worked with outstanding collaborators and students to try to understand the complex biology of the cow from an integrative physiology standpoint. At this point, though, my most pressing goal is to not let my science-crazy kids stump me with biology trivia.

Laman Mamedova, PhD

Originally from Azerbaijan, I earned a PhD in Biochemistry and continue to use molecular biology tools to study metabolic physiology. I conducted research in several countries and worked at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases before joining the group in 2007. In my role as a research assistant professor, I help develop and validate new assays, conduct cell culture experiments, and mentor students in the lab. When my trusty tie-dye lab coat fails to work its magic and an experiment turns south, I work out my frustrations at the fitness center.


Laman Mamedova



Miriam Garcia, PhD

My professional journey in the US started when I left my native Peru in 2008 to pursue my PhD at the University of Florida, where I investigated the effects of supplementing essential fatty acids to preweaned dairy calves under the advisement of Dr. Charlie Staples and Dr. Jose Santos. Afterwards, I moved to the University of Maryland to work with Dr. Kasey Moyes on identifying the mechanisms by which immune cells and key strategic tissues from dairy cows modify the partitioning of nutrients under inflammation. In May 2016, while most students are getting ready to leave Manhattan, I just arrived to not only discover the best of the city but also to discover why and how the lovely dairy cows are willing to undergo several peripartal challenges to delight us with one of the most nutritionally complete food (AKA milk).

Julie Sauls, MS

Born and raised in southern Illinois, my family raises cattle and row crops. I jumped the river to Missouri, where I completed my B.S. in animal sciences at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Mizzou not only cultivated my love for college football, but also for animal agriculture research. I came to K-State and completed a master’s degree focusing in dairy reproduction in May of 2016. I am new to the metabolism group, where I am pursuing a PhD, hoping to aid fellow animal agriculture enthusiast to bridge the gap between dairy nutrition and reproduction.


Julie Saules

Caroline Ylioja

Caroline Ylioja, BS

I completed my B.S. in Animal Science at Michigan State University and joined the group in August 2013. I'm currently studying the effects of anti-inflammatory treatment on the mechanisms of milk synthesis in early lactation dairy cows. Off the record, I'm also studying the effects of weekly volleyball pickup games on graduate student morale; results are promising but for greater statistical power, additional experimental units are always welcome! 

Caio Takiya, MS

I'm from Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, where there are no livestock or agriculture. After graduating in Veterinary Medicine (B.S. - yeah, I know that is uncommon in US), I proceeded to the graduate program at the University of Sao Paulo to learn more about dairy cattle nutrition. During my masters (2015), I did an internship with the Dairy Metabolism Group and got impressed with how people are smart here. After I got the Master's degree in Animal Science, and I joined the group in January 2017. Besides learning a lot about dairy cattle physiology/immunology and completing my Ph.D., I hope to enjoy the rec and learn the rules of football during my time in US.


Caio Takiya



Katie Olagaray


Katie Olagaray, MS

Born and raised in sunny California, I completed my B.S. in Animal Science at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo in Animal Sciences. While many others learned to surf, I developed a passion for animal agriculture first on my family's sheep ranch and now with dairy cows as I joined to group in August 2014. While anxiously awaiting my project I have taken to discovering Manhattan.

Sarah Sivinski, BS

Originally from Georgia, I moved to Lexington, Kentucky to complete my B.S. in Equine Science and Management with minors in Animal Science and Biology at the University of Kentucky in May 2016. At U.K., I discovered my passion for animal research and studied equine nutrition, equine immunology, plant secondary metabolites, and dairy welfare. I decided to go into dairy for my M.S. because cheese and ice cream are two of my favorite foods, so here at K State, I currently study immunology and physiology of transition dairy cows. While I’m not at the dairy, in class, or studying, I enjoy riding my horse, going to the gym, and eating all the calories back on.

Sarah Sivinski

Billy Brown

Billy Brown, MS

I developed a love for dairy cattle in 4th grade when my dad would let me milk cows with the college student workers on summer afternoons at the university dairy he oversaw. This led to many years of judging and showing dairy cattle as a youth. I finished a BS at Kansas State ('10), followed by a MS at Michigan State ('12) in dairy nutrition looking at feed intake regulation of post-partum cows. After a 5-year stint at the Kansas Department of Agriculture growing the state's dairy industry and traveling Latin America to promote U.S. beef genetics, I came back for a PhD. I enjoy my free time by competing for best yard on the block, sailing, kayaking, running, helping on my parent's farm, and cheering on the 'Cats.