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Animal Sciences and Industry

The Latest News on Avian Influenza in Kansas

  • The 2015 fall wild bird migration is approaching and Kansas is in the central flyover pathway. Many of these birds are almost certain to carry a form of avian flu. Now is the time for your best biosecurity. Keep these migrating birds as far away from your flock as possible. Keep waterfowl off ponds that may attract visitors. Never let them feed with your birds. Move bird feeders far from your birds or eliminate them. Don't walk around ponds where waterfowl have visited and then visit your own birds because manure on your shoes can be a major source of contamination. China, Russia, Ghana, Nigeria have all found infections. Russia noted that some wild birds caught were healthy but infected with forms of avian flu. So far, North America hasn't seen much but it is still expected.
  • 4-H Poultry Judging Teams will compete by judging still photographs of meat, eggs, and birds. (7/31/15)
  • No active infections or quarantines active in Kansas at this time.
  • Sales of gamebirds and poultry from single flocks are permissible.
  • Birds from different flocks cannot be brought together for shows, swap meets, fairs, etc.
  • The Kansas State Fair will not have live poultry for display or judging in 2015.