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Animal Sciences and Industry

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Youth Livestock Program

2018 Important Deadlines/Calendar

March 17:  Junior Sheep Producer Day

March 24:  Junior Beef Producer Day

April 2:  K-State Animal Science Leadership Academy Application Deadline

April 10:  Livestock County Fair Management Clinic (Cimarron)

April 12:  Livestock County Fair Management Clinic (Holton)

April 14:  Midwest Invitational Meat Judging Contest (Stillwater, OK)

May 1:  Market Beef Nominations Due

June 6-9:  K-State Animal Science Leadership Academy

June 15:  Commercial Heifer, Swine, Sheep, & Meat Goat Nominations Due

June 19-22:  Dairy U

July 6-7:  Dr. Bob Hines Kansas Swine Classic

August 18-19:  State 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes

September 7-16:  Kansas State Fair

October 5-7:  Kansas Junior Livestock Show


K-State Youth Livestock Program Update Newsletters

Spring 2018 YLP Update Newsletter

Fall 2017 YLP Update Newsletter

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Snapchat: @ksuylp

Twitter: @KS_YLP



2018 Nomination Information

2018 Livestock Nomination Updates

Nominated Livestock / Forms and Information(Click link to confirm nominations and/or view current forms and information)

All 2018 state livestock nomination information is posted on the "Nomination Information" tab of the KSU Youth Livestock website.  Only 2018 forms and information will be accepted.

Important: All animals that are nominated for the Kansas Junior Livestock Show and Kansas State Fair will be required to be tagged with the Kansas 4-H EID tags in 2018. DNA hair samples in official DNA envelopes are also required.

**Exhibitors must contact their local Extension Office to order their EID tags and get DNA Envelopes.




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