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Youth Programs

Important Deadlines/Calendar

March 29, 2014: Kansas Junior Sheep Producer Day
April 1-2, 2014:Livestock Fair Management Clinic
May 1, 2014: Market Beef Nominations Due
June 3-6, 2014: Discovery Days
June 11-14, 2014:K-State Animal Sciences Leadership Academy
June 15, 2014: Commercial Heifer, Commercial/Market Swine, Sheep, Goat
                        Nominations Due (postmarked June 15)
July 11-12, 2014: Bob Hines Kansas Youth Swine Classic
August:Kansas State Livestock Sweepstakes
September 5-14:  Kansas State Fair
September 19-22:  Kansas Junior Livestock Show


K-State Youth Livestock Program Updates

View the Youth Livestock Program's Winter 2014 Update!


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Facebook: K-State Youth Livestock Program


2014 Nomination Update

Important: All animals that are nominated for the Kansas Junior Livestock Show and Kansas State Fair will be required to be tagged with the Kansas 4-H EID tags in 2014. DNA hair samples are still required.

**Exhibitors must contact their local Extension Office to order their EID tags

2014 EID Tag Information/Order Form 

(For Ext. Offices Only)

Nominated Livestock / Forms and Information (Click link to confirm nominations)

2014 Kansas State Fair and Kansas Junior Livestock Show rule changes 

Youth Quality Assurance

Use of New Swine Castration Method (Improvest)

Kansas State Fair: accepts the use of Improvest

Kansas Junior Livestock Show: barrows must be physical castrates. (more information (pdf))

Suggested Guidelines for Swine Tagging to Minimize Disease Risk


County Fair Health Regulations and Suggestions for Minimizing Disease transmissions (Via Kansas State University's Dr. Larry Hollis and KDA-Department of Animal Health's Dr. Bill Brown)

2013 County Fair Regulations (pdf)

Measures to Minimize Influenza transmission at Swine Exhibitions (pdf)


Youth Pork Quality Assurance Update from Dr. Brian Faris

2013 Youth Pork Quality Assurance Plus UPDATE (pdf)


Biosecurity Procedures for Youth Swine Projects

Youth Swine Project Biosecurity Information
Complete Resource (pdf)


mCOOL Information

Due to recent changes in federal law we are encouraging all 4-H members and their parents to learn more about mandatory County of Origin Labeling (mCOOL). For more information on mCOOL, please visit and click on “C.O.O.L. – info update.”

Sample 4-Her Information Sheet (pdf)
(Courtesy of Jodi Holthaus)

Sample Affidavit (pdf)


2010 Kansas Horse Show Judges List (pdf)

This list was developed to help counties locate individuals interested in judging open and 4-H horse shows. These individuals have attended a training on judging horse shows at least once in the last three years and have obtained a passing score.


Kristine Clowers
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