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Assistant/Associate Professor in Animal Nutrition

12-month, tenure-track position (60% Teaching, 40% Research)

We are seeking applicants for a 12-month, tenure-track faculty position (60%Teaching, 40% Research). The position will be at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor and will be located in Manhattan, KS. The successful individual will contribute primarily to the department's land-grant missions in teaching and research. Teaching responsibilities will be consistent with the successful individual's training, interests, and needs of the department, and expectations include teaching and advising undergraduate and graduate students. The successful individual is expected to lead a productive research program in animal nutrition and participate in relevant interdisciplinary activities.

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Assistant/Associate Professor, Dairy Foods Processing and Innovation

12-month, tenure-track position (40% Teaching, 60% Research)

We are seeking applicants for a 12-month, tenure-track position (40% Teaching, 60% Research) at the rank of Assistant or Associate Professor (commensurate with experience) that will contribute primarily to our teaching and research missions in dairy foods processing within the Animal Sciences and Industry Department (ASI). The ASI Department is a national leader in teaching, research and outreach focused on animal and food sciences. ASI is home to the undergraduate Food Science & Industry degree program, which is accredited through the Institute of Food Technologists. The successful individual will be expected to develop a nationally recognized, externally funded research program in dairy food processing that is linked with a dynamic graduate research program. Teaching responsibilities will include Dairy Foods Processing & Technology (ASI 608) and other coursework consistent with the program’s needs and the selected individual’s interests. K-State is also home to the cross-disciplinary Food Science Institute (FSI) which provides many opportunities to participate in world-class interdisciplinary research, graduate training and teaching activities. Some of these opportunities involve agricultural security and sustainability, functional and healthy food systems, and the K-State Global Food Systems Initiative ( Major facility construction and renovations are underway in the food/animal/grain science areas at K-State, including renovation of the K-State dairy processing plant, Call Hall Dairy Bar and research laboratories. Experience in creamery operations, fluid milk processing, and/or manufacture of dairy ingredients is desirable as the successful applicant will supervise the managers of these dairy foods facilities and use them in support of their program.

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Instructor Position(s)

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Unclassified Staff Position(s)

Dairy Teaching and Research Center Manager

Full-time, Unclassified Professional Staff, Term Contract (Job #515771)

The DTRC Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management of personnel, animals, and unit facilities at the DTRC. The incumbent will also work closely with faculty and students to facilitate research trials at the DTRC.

Animal care – The DTRC Manager oversees the routine care (feeding, milking, reproductive management, herd health, waste management, etc.) of the mature cows and young stock. The incumbent will work with herd veterinarians and faculty supervisors to establish, execute, and evaluate standard operating protocols for maintaining optimum animal care, herd production, and research study outcomes.

Operational management – The DTRC Manager will oversee and conduct routine daily operational management of the facility.

Supervision – The DTRC Manager will lead a talented team of employees to ensure adequate care of livestock and daily operations of the DTRC.

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Animal Technician Supervisor (Dairy Teaching and Research Center)

Full-time, Unclassified Professional Staff, Term Contract (Job #515576)

This position is critical to the overall operation of the KSU Dairy Teaching and Research Center. It involves supervision of other employees and the care and comfort of the animals housed at the DTRC at Kansas State University.

Incumbent functions as the assistant manager of the Dairy Teaching and Research Center and is responsible for ensuring the safety of the cows and other dairy unit employees. Assumes responsibility for operation of the dairy unit in the manager's absence. Incumbent is responsible for milking cows at least two days each week and for making vital animal observations during the milking process. Incumbent is responsible for collecting sterile samples of milk to be tested for antibiotics or bacteria.

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University Support Staff Position(s)

Animal Technician II

Full-Time, USS Staff position (Job #517538)

The Dairy Teaching and Research Center (DTRC) is seeking applicants for a full-time Animal Technician II. This position exists to milk, feed and provide care of the DTRC dairy herd, which is used for teaching and research purposes.

60% Employee sets up the milking equipment, puts cows into milking stalls, dips teats before and after milking, attaches milking equipment and milks a minimum of 40 cows per hour until all cows are milked. Employee works either a morning, evening, or night shift milking 200-400 cows representing an investment of approximately $500,000 per shift.

Employee is responsible for sanitizing equipment before milking with a specified sanitizer. Employee must prepare the parlor before each milking including checking compressor, milk line and pump, and ensuring bulk milk storage tank is operating. Employee must identify off-line cows to prevent their milk from getting into the bulk tank. Value of one tank is approximately $8,000.00. Failure to perform will result in loss of milk and revenue.

25% Employee rakes manure from free stalls and levels free stall surface each shift. Employee is responsible for feeding replacement heifers, cleaning calf hutches, weighing calves, assisting with vaccination, dehorning, castration, and clipping extra teats. Employee assists with lot scraping and general cleanup of facilities including hallway, break room, rest rooms and office. Employee moves cows from pens and tie-stall barn to milking parlor and back; releases and ties up cows in tie-stall barn; and assists in cleaning and feeding in tie-stall barn as needed.

5% Before each milking, employee must make a general survey of cows to check for any abnormalities in calving, milk fever, or any sick animal. Employee is responsible for calling the manager or veterinarian, if needed. If necessary, employee may give some treatment. Employee cares for newborn calves by sterilizing the navel, injecting vitamins, and other necessary medication.

Employee is responsible for recognizing common health problems of the cows as an essential part of the job. While milking, employee must be able to recognize mastitis and milk fever (with mastitis being the most common). When mastitis is detected, it is the employee's responsibility to treat the condition under the direction of the manager, make records of the treatment, and discard the milk from treated cows. These off-line cows are milked separately and treated again, if necessary.

5% Observation and recording of "heat" or estrus is an important part of the milker's job. When cows are moved, they express more activity than at other times of the day.

5% Employee has contact with graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, other unit employees, and non-university visitors. Employee must communicate and work well with these groups. Other duties as assigned by supervisor include but are not limited to the collection of milk samples for research projects and training students. Responsibilities vary some among seasons of the year. Fewer cows are milked during the summer than during fall, winter, and spring. This position is deemed "Essential" for Inclement Weather purposes and would report to work as normal.

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Animal Technician II

Full-Time, USS Staff position (Job #517217)

The Dairy Teaching and Research Center (DTRC) is seeking applicants for a full-time Animal Technician II. This position will be responsible for equipment operation, equipment, and facility maintenance, and, in a smaller portion, general animal care and milking.

Duties and job duties and responsibilities are as follows:

Equipment operation (60%) – The Animal Technician II will be responsible for operating large machinery such as tractors, manure wagons, feed wagons, and skid loaders. Job duties include exporting nutrients and manure to the compost facility, scraping and cleaning pens, and sanding the beds of the cows, among others. Equipment needs to be operated safely in a timely manner fashion so that the incumbent can perform the job duties while caring for equipment, animals, and facility.

The incumbent will also be responsible for safely transporting animals in and out of the Dairy using a truck and trailer. These activities include moving animals between the farm and the ASI department, Vet School, Manhattan Commission Center, etc.

Equipment and Facility Maintenance (20%) – The incumbent will be responsible for maintaining the large machinery used at the DTRC. This includes oil changes, tire maintenance, lubrication, and other routine maintenance. The incumbent will also be responsible for helping to determine causes for equipment issues and work with the DTRC Team to determine methods of rapid repair, whether by farm staff or by external service providers.

Incumbents will also help maintain the facilities of the DTRC by detecting issues and leading repairing them. Basic maintenance and repair of the facility includes interior and exterior areas, animal housing areas, and being able to work on plumbing and electrical issues.

The incumbent will proudly care for the facilities in which they work, which require cleaning and maintenance of the equipment and buildings as needed. The incumbent will also organize supplies and alert the DTRC manager when more are needed.

General Animal Care and Milking (20%) – The Animal Technician II will help with general animal care, assisting with routine herd health protocols and treatment of clinical health issues. The incumbent may be asked to serve in milking sessions as needed in collaboration with undergraduate assistants and other staff members.

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Animal Technician II

Full-time, USS Staff position, (Job #517188)

This position exists to operate and maintain the feed mill facility and feed the milk herd at the Dairy Teaching and Research Center.

Some of the duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • 65% Grinds hay and mixes all feed ingredients for total mixed rations, records amounts fed, and obtains weigh back data when required by experimental protocol. Delivers total mixed rations to feed weaned replacement heifers, dry and lactating cows.
  • 10% Manages storage and receipt of delivered bedding (sawdust and straw) and feed (hay, straw, silage) and other commodities.
  • 10% Services and maintains, oil, fluid, and filter changes of feeding equipment (skid loaders, tractors, trucks, etc.).
  • 10% Directs daily scraping of pens to remove animal waste. Assists in weekly sand bedding of free stalls and cleaning maternity pen.
  • 5% Works cooperatively and safely with others to assist with any calving problems or animal health issues as directed. One weekend per month may be required in rotation with other middle managers to oversee daily operations. Other duties as assigned.

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Animal Technician II

Part-Time, USS Staff position, (Job #517301)

This is a relief emergency milking position.

Duties include setting up milking equipment, carefully moving cows to and from the milking parlor, prepping cows properly for milking (predippping and cleaning of teats), diagnosing abnormal milk (if mastitis exists then proper milking and disposal of milk must occur), attaching milking machines, and post-dipping teats after milking. The employee sanitizes the equipment before and after each milking shift. In addition, the employee coducts regular inspection of the milk tank compressors, milk line and pump to ensure bulk storage tanks are operating correcting and cooling milk before, during, and after each milking shift. Other miscellaneous animal care duties may be assigned during the milking shift.

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Graduate Teaching Assistant

Dr. Scott Beyer's GTA

Primary responsibilities in the position will include:

  • Assist the instructor with teaching avian and companion animal related undergraduate courses, including the poultry judging team
  • The position is available immediately, and open until a suitable candidate is identified.
  • Conduct research in the areas of nutrition and feed manufacturing
  • Travel and present research findings at seminars and conferences
  • Work toward completing an MS/PhD.

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