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Animal Sciences and Industry

Annie Clark

MS Graduate Student clark
217 Weber Hall
Major Professor: Dr. Joel DeRouchey


Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas

Annie received her Bachelor’s degree from Kansas State in 2015. Her passion for animal agriculture originated from family connections to livestock production and grew throughout her education in the KSU Animal Science program. Annie began her involvement in the swine industry during two summer internships, first with Kay Dee Feed Co./Nutraferma in 2013 and Elanco Animal Health in 2014. During these summers, she gained exposure to commercial swine production and cultivated her interest in nutrition and research. She was fortunate to continue to explore her passion for research through two undergraduate research projects, “Comparison of fermented soybean meal processing methods on nursery pig growth performance” and “Effects of creep feed pellet diameter on suckling and nursery pig performance”.  Annie joined the Applied Swine Nutrition Team in June of 2015 and her Master’s research focuses primarily on nursery pig nutrition. Annie enjoys being outdoors, going to the lake, KSU football, hunting, and travel in her free time.