Beef Team Drought Webinars


Beef Cattle Production Challenges Webinar Series

Using Basis and Margin Tools for Making Real World Ranch Management Decisions During Drought, Brett Crosby, Custom Ag Solutions

Use of KSU’s Beef Replacement Decision Aide in Assessing Herd Expansion and Contraction, Glynn Tonsor, K-State Department of Agricultural Economics

Strategies for Feeding Cows with Limited Forages, Jason Warner, K-State Extension Cow-Calf Specialist

Feeding and Managing Early Weaned Calves, Justin Waggoner, K-State Beef Systems


Decision Making For Grass Turnout in Western Kansas Webinar

In many areas of the state grass growth was very limited last year and continuing dry conditions in recent months raise questions about how livestock producers should plan for the coming growing season.

Keith Harmoney, K-State range scientist at Hays, has studied historical data from range research at the experiment station including droughts in the 1930s and 1950s as well as more recent droughts and will use all of this to share his thoughts on planning and decision making for this spring.

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Handouts to reference during "Decision Making For Grass Turnout in Western Kansas" Webinar:

Cawker City Precipitation Example
Scott City Precipitation Example
Spring Turn Out Flow Chart


KSU Beef Team Hosts "Drought Preparedness for the Cow-Calf Producer" Webinar

The webinar included tips to help Kansas beef cattle producers prepare to manage and reduce the impacts of drought and reduced forage availability on cow herds.

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K-State Beef Team Hosts "Managerial Tools and Tips in an Uncertain Climate and Market" Webinar

The program featured tips to help Kansas beef cattle producers make management decisions in light of the current weather patterns, ranging from flooding to drought, in Kansas and calf market volatility following COVID-19.

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K-State Hosts "Troubleshooting Uncertain Times in the Beef Industry" Webinar

The program featured brief updates on the current market situation from K-State Agricultural Economist Dr. Glynn Tonsor and a discussion on alternative protein sources led by Extension Specialists Dr. Jaymelynn Farney and Dr. Justin Waggoner. Dr. Dale Blasi, K-State extension beef cattle specialist, will address nutrition and management considerations that may be implemented by producers growing cattle in these challenging times.

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