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2019 Cattlemen's Day — General Sessoion featuring Dr. Brad Morgan

2018 Cattlemen's Day

2018 Cattlemen's Day — General Session featuring Dr. Glynn Tonsor


2017 Cattlemen's Day

2017 Cattlemen's Day — General Session featuring K-State President Myers and Dr. Flinchbaugh

2017 Cattlemen's Day — Beef Cattle Economics Trilogy featuring Dr. Glynn Tonsor and Dustin Pendell

2015 Cattlemen's Day

Cattle Industry Outlook
Dr. Ted Schroeder and Dr. Glynn Tonsor

What is a Sustainable Beef Industry?
Bob Langert, McDonalds's Corporation

2014 Cattlemen's Day

Cattle Industry Outlook

KSU Agricultural Economists Glynn Tonsor and Ted Schroeder will focus on cattle and beef market outlook and economic implications of production and animal health technologies and evolving regulations and expectations of customers and consumers. Discussion will include economic issues related to reintroduction of zilpaterol, antibiotic restrictions, and implications for future technology development and implementation."

The Future of Beef Export Demand

Paul Clayton, senior vice president of export services for the U.S. Meat Export Federation, will discuss the changing and often complex landscape of beef exportation, including barriers to foreign trade, maintaining current markets, creation of new marketing channels, and the importance of beef exports for future prosperity of the U.S. beef cattle industry.

2013 Cattlemen's Day

Keeping Your Farm in the Family for the Next Generation
Ron Hanson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Cattle Market and Industry Short-Run Outlook and Long Term-Prospective
Ted Schroeder and Glynn Tonsor – Kansas State University

2010 Cattlemen's Day

Climate Changes: Implications for Agriculture
Dr. Pat Michaels

Feeding the world in 2050
Dr. Ted Schroeder

2009 Cattlemen's Day

Implications of Federal Policy Changes for U.S. Beef Producers
Nevil Speer, Western Kentucky University

Meeting the Needs of Beef Consumers
Rosemary Mucklow, National Meat Association

Optimizing Reproductive Performance
Sandy Johnson, NW Area Livestock Specialist

Planning for the Future with a Sound Heifer Development Program
John Jaeger, Hays Agricultural Research Center

Cattle Market Outlook
Jim Mintert and Ted Schroeder, Agricultural Economists

2008 Cattlemen's Day

Animal Welfare from the Consumer Perspective
Temple Grandin, Associate Professor at Colorado State University

Beef and the Consumer: Past, Present, and the Future
Dell Allen, Vice President of Technical Services and Food Safety for Cargill Meat Solutions (Retired)

DNA Marker Assisted Selection
Dan Moser, Associate Professor at Kansas State University

Biofuels Expansion, $100 Crude, and a Weak U.S. Dollar: What Are the Implications for the U.S. Beef Industry?
Ted Schroeder and Jim Mintert, Professors of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University