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K-State Swine Day — Virtual

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The popular KSU Swine Day has gone virtual! From 10 am to noon on Nov. 18 and 19, a series of 15-20 minute presentations will discuss swine nutrition, feed safety, and feed processing topics.

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2020 Swine Day Research Report

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Wednesday Nov. 18 (10 am to noon CST)
"Focus on Applied Swine Nutrition"

Introductory comments for the 2020 K-State Swine Industry Day – Joel DeRouchey

· Feeding sows immediately before farrowing – What have we learned? – Jason Woodworth

· Minimizing disruption in nutrient intake after weaning – Mike Tokach

· Preparing for a world without ZnO – Jordan Gebhardt

· Understanding and influencing pig body weight variation – Joel DeRouchey

· Current K-State swine nutrition and management research – Bob Goodband

Interactive question and comment opportunity

Thursday Nov. 19 (10 am to noon CST)
"Focus of Feed Safety and Feed Processing"

Feed Safety Main Session (10 – 11 am)

· Feedmill Biosecurity: What have we learned since 2013? Jason Woodworth and Chad Paulk

· New research and information developed at K-State - Cassie Jones

· Latest findings from the K-State-Vietnam partnership – Jordan Gebhardt

· The future of Feed Safety research - Everyone

Interactive question and comment opportunity

Feed Processing Main Session (11 am – 12:00)

· Adjusting hammermill settings to achieve a target corn particle size - Charles Stark

· Key diet composition characteristics that influence pellet quality - Chad Paulk

· Can pelleting different diet types influence amino acid digestibility? - Chad Paulk

Interactive question and comment opportunity


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