Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Poultry

(Revised February, 2006)
R. Scott Beyer, Ph.D.
Extension Specialist, Poultry Sciences
Department of Animal Sciences
Kansas State University

This question and answer guide is intended to provide quick answers to the most frequently asked questions that small flock owners may ask. This publication was begun by Kansas State University extension personnel many years ago, and it will be continued by Dr. Scott Beyer. The content will be updated continuously. It should be useful to County Extension personnel, new poultry enthusiasts, and others interested in small flock poultry production. Future additions will include more ratite and gamebird information. Also, you may find that the answers to some questions may change! This is because researchers are continuously looking for better techniques that solve the problem. The answers are only suggestions, and may not be the only alternative available.

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Key Word Directory

Key word(s) from each question are listed alphabetically with the subject matter referenced in bold letters.

A. General Information
B. Broilers and Capons
C. Housing and Equipment
D. Incubation and Reproduction
E. Layers
F. Management Practices
G. Nutrition
H. Processing and Marketing Eggs and Poultry Meat
I. Pigeons, Peafowl and Guineas
J. Waterfowl
K. Turkeys
L. Sanitation and Disease