Nominated Livestock Information

All mail received has been opened and processed! Check the reports below to make sure your family is listed. If you have an incomplete nomination, you have until July 15 to make corrections.

Make sure your animal tag numbers and data has been entered through the ShoWorks link before dropping your signed DNA envelopes in the mail. Remember to also include a copy of the confirmation email/receipt that lists all of the exhibitors in your family and the animals you'd like them to be eligible to show (tag numbers). Certified mail is highly encouraged!

Errors. If you find a discrepancy in the information listed on one of the reports for your family, please call or email Lexie to resolve it. The contact information is on the bottom of each report. The status of each nomination is included on the report. If there is a red "No" in the complete nomination column, you have an incomplete nomination on file.

Incomplete Nominations. If your nomination is incomplete, check your email for details. You will also be receiving a confirmation letter in the mail stating the specific animals for which nomination materials were received and how to correct an incomplete nomination. Make sure to submit the appropriate corrections by the deadline for your animals to be eligible for either show.

Don't forget to get entered! Nomination is only the first step in being eligible to show in the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive or KJLS. You must officially enter and pay the entry fees through each specific show in order to actually exhibit. Direct entry links can be found on the bottom of the page. The entry links will most likely go live July 1.


Market Beef Report

Commercial Heifer Report

Swine Report

Lamb Report

Goat Report


  • If "YES" is in the Complete Nomination on File column, your nomination is complete. Please remember this is NOT an entry for the individual shows. To officially enter, please visit the Kansas State Fair and/or KJLS website and use the specific entry process set forth by each show. Even though all steps in the process use ShoWorks, nominations and each of the shows have their own unique link. You will use your credentials from nominations to login and enter each of the shows.
  • If "NO" is in one of the columns, your nomination is incomplete. It could be due to various reasons: lack of online information, missing signatures, missing DNA envelope, no YQCA certificate, missing Declaration Form, etc. Letters will be sent to you informing your family of what steps need to be taken in order to complete your nomination. Please resolve your incomplete nomination as quickly as possible. Any animals that remain incomplete after the correction deadline will be ineligible for both shows.
  • "APPROVED" means your extension agent or FFA advisor has approved your nomination. If you have a "NO" in this column, a representative of your organization has not approved your nomination. On your confirmation letter, nominations that have been APPROVED by the local extension agent or FFA advisor will have an UNCHECKED box in the pending approval column.
  • Exhibitors - you must have a current youth PQA or YQCA number at the time of nomination that will be valid through 10/1/2024 for your nominations to be complete. Make sure you have a "YES" in the "uploaded docs" column.

Show Entry

Don’t forget to ENTER! Please remember, A COMPLETE NOMINATION DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN ENTRY. Having a complete nomination only makes you eligible to enter and show in the Kansas State Fair Grand Drive and KJLS! Exhibitors MUST officially enter the show in which they would like to participate, as well as pay the entry fees by the deadline, in order to exhibit. Both shows are doing online entries again this year, so exhibitors are encouraged to try to enter early in order to avoid any “technical” difficulties. Below are the entry deadlines. Click each show to be directed to their entry information. Please contact the show directly with entry questions.

Kansas State Fair - July 15

KJLS - August 15