2024 EID Tag Information

Below are tags that are acceptable for state nomination use:
*Remember the "old style" non-EID tags will not be accepted.

**The following tag number series issued in 2018 and 2019 have expired and will not be accepted in state nominated livestock projects for 2024:

Beef - 32001 to 34900 (last 6 of EID 246334 to 128967)

Swine - 34901 to 38800 (last 6 of EID 778102 to 999192)

Acceptable Beef Tags

Acceptable Swine Tags

Acceptable Sheep Tags

Acceptable Meat Goat Tags

New Meat Goat EID Tag Option:

New Meat Goat EID Tag - round visual male.

*There are several colors of ribbon tags for sheep and goats, depending on the year ordered. All are acceptable as long as they are an official eID tag, ordered through Dave Kehler in Butler County, or Lexie Hayes with the K-State Youth Livestock Program. They must have a 5-digit visual ID and corresponding 15-digit EID button.

EID Tag Information

EID Tag Information for All Counties

2024 Procedure for Ordering EID Ear Tags


EID Tag Order Forms

2024 Beef EID Ear Tag Order Form

2024 Small Livestock EID Ear Tag Order Form


EID Tag Order Summaries

Beef Tag Order Summary

Beef EID/4-H Bag & Tag Numbers


Swine Tag Order Summary

Sheep Tag Order Summary

Meat Goat Tag Order Summary


EID Tagging Resources

Tag Application Instructions for All Species

Beef Tagging Tips

Small Livestock Tagging Tips

Allflex Tagger Configuration

Allflex Tagging Instructional Videos


EID Tag Program Participation

Intent to Participate in the Kansas EID 4-H Tag Program

Technology Forms for EID Use

Weigh-in Resources

Beef Weigh-In Cards

Meat Goat Weigh-In Cards

Swine Weigh-In Cards

Sheep Weigh-In Cards


*For more information, please contact Lexie Hayes (adhayes@ksu.edu or 785-532-1264). EID tag information may also be found on the Butler County Extension website.


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