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Animal Sciences and Industry

Educational Materials


 Jr. Beef Day Cover

Kansas Jr. Beef Producer Day Educational Materials

2016 Junior Beef Producer Day Educational Resource

Beef Showmanship – Oklahoma State University

Breeds of Cattle – Oklahoma State University

Beef By-Products – Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service



K-State Show Pig Guide (2017 version) 

Swine Showmanship – Oklahoma State University

Breeds of Swine Reference Sheet- National Swine Registry

Breeds of Swine – Oklahoma State University

Fitting and Showing Your 4-H Pig – Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service



Youth Program>Sheep Guide Front PageJr. Sheep Day Educational Resource Cover

2016 Junior Sheep Producer Day Educational Resource

K-State Sheep Project Guide

Market Lamb Showmanship from Start to Finish – Kansas State University

Sheep Showmanship – Oklahoma State University

Breeds of Sheep Reference Sheet

Breeds of Sheep – Oklahoma State University


Meat Goat

2019 Jr. Meat Goat Day Resources

Market Goat Showmanship from Start to Finish - K-State Research and Extension (2013)

Facilities for Your Goats - Mindy Young, K-State Research and Extension (2013)

General Health Guidelines for Meat Goats - Rachael Boyle, K-State Research and Extension (2013)

Meat Goat Project Guide (2011)

Breeds of Goats – Oklahoma State University


Other Resources

Journey of Wool by Mountain Meadow Wool - DVD (available from the KSU YLP)

Ready, Set, Vet Trivia Game (by Katie Hamilton, Iowa State Senior Honors Project)

Board Game (printable)

Online Version

Be A "Zoonotic" Disease Detective Booklet (Kansas 4-H and KDA publication) (available from the KSU YLP)

Safety videos for beef, sheep, swine, goat, dairy and horses. These are great learning tools of beginners in the show project area.

Youth Livestock Safety Videos


mCOOL Information

Due to recent changes in federal law we are encouraging all 4-H members and their parents to learn more about mandatory County of Origin Labeling (mCOOL). The previous provision was repealed for beef and pork in late 2015, early 2016. For updated information on mCOOL, please visit  https://www.ams.usda.gov/rules-regulations/cool.

Sample 4-Her Information Sheet (pdf)
(Courtesy of Jodi Holthaus)

Sample Affidavit (pdf)